The Peoples' Summit on Climate Change

The Peoples' Summit on Climate Change

By Fanny Fernández Melo

The ordinary citizens of the world, we are the most interested and concerned because the emissions that accelerate climate change are faced head on, even more so the citizens of the most vulnerable countries, such as Peru, which is the third most vulnerable, which means that will suffer more severely the effects of climate change.

The People's Summit will be a space where the citizens of the world who come to express their immense concern about climate change will be able to meet and pressure the parties that will be at COP20 to make and decisions that save humanity from this tremendous climate crisis.

It will take place in Lima from December 8 to 11.

On the other hand, the March of the peoples in defense of Mother Earth, under the slogan of "Let's change the System not the Climate" It will take place on December 10, where citizens from all over the world have pledged their participation through their delegations, it will therefore be to have the entire planet gathered in Lima demanding their representatives to commit to reducing the emissions that accelerate climate change.

On the other hand, delegations from the 25 regions of Peru will be present in this march of great importance for humanity.

For more information, go to the website Or request more information by email: mobilizaci├│[email protected] Participate, wherever you are, it is your obligation, not only with yourself but with your children and other descendants , climate change is already present, we must try to lessen its effects by changing the system, because we cannot stop it, citizen power is strong, we can get the representatives of the 195 countries to assume the commitment for which we have elected them.

For good living, Allin Kausay * Representative of Yunkawasi


Video: Voices from the World Peoples Summit on Climate Change: Michelle Present (September 2021).