You can be a vegetarian without having food deficiencies

You can be a vegetarian without having food deficiencies

By J.Vivas

The first meeting of sustainable companies held this weekend at the Mieres fairground had the participation of the Catalan Sat Caballero, an expert in naturist cuisine, who gave a talk on the advantages of alternative diets. Caballero tried to destroy what he considers "false beliefs" and stressed that "you can be a vegetarian without having nutritional deficiencies."

The cook pointed out that vitamin B12 is present in foods of animal origin but not in vegetables. "Meat producers have always clung to that, in fact they continue to believe that meat is basic in the diet and that vegetarians have anemia, but it is not like that," he said. In his opinion, "our body, like animals, can produce B12, so it would not be a deficiency." Of course, Caballero explained that, "to avoid deficiencies in the vegetarian diet, you have to follow some very simple steps." The expert explained that "it is essential to eat raw food, it should be 50 percent of the plate." As for the rest, "a quarter can be vegetables al dente, steamed, sautéed or boiled, while what remains should be carbohydrates, such as potatoes or cereals; and foods rich in protein."

Caballero continued to defend the advantages of a vegetarian diet regarding how they affect digestion. Here he differentiated acidic foods from alkaline ones. In this first group, as he stated, "there is meat, sausages, fish, coffee or cocoa". Of these last two, he stressed that "they should be taken from time to time, but not regularly, there are alternatives, such as white tea, of which you can drink liters without giving us any problem." In the second group, the alkaline ones, are most of the vegetables.

On the other hand, the expert in vegetarian cuisine assured that "although all positions must be respected, I do not understand people who like to eat meat, we can see it in children that when they see an animal, they do not go for it to eat it but to play with him. " In his opinion, "we are dissociated and we no longer even know what we want."

Sat Caballero's conference was one of the highlights of yesterday's meeting of sustainable companies, where workshops were also held and there were gastronomic tastings. In addition to the talks and workshops, the meeting held at the fairgrounds held a market in which 35 exhibitors participated, offering products with sustainability as a common denominator, both in food, beauty, crafts, energy and leisure. The contest, organized by the consultancies. Más Innovación Social and GEO3, had the collaboration of various institutions such as the Polytechnic School of Mieres or the Asturian Energy Foundation (FAEN).

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