Take advantage of garbage

Take advantage of garbage

By Raúl González García

It's about Wecyclers. This company approached the problem as a solution and now they generate wealth from waste with a pure method that does not pollute. Landfills are not as full anymore, processing plants have quality materials, citizens have increased recycling and can easily get involved with the project.

It consists of an initiative that combines mobile phones and bicycles. Citizens notify by message so that their garbage can be collected at home. Once collected and weighed, the citizen accumulates a series of points that can be exchanged for basic necessities. Wecylers currently works with more than 6,500 households and has distributed $ 37,000.

The most recent data from the Lagos State Waste Management Authority indicate that 13,000 tons of waste are generated daily throughout the State. The Wecyclers company claims that only 40% of waste is collected and only 13% of recyclable materials are treated separately. In turn, the project has avoided the emission of 798,735 kg of CO2 and has created 74 jobs.

Bilikiss Adebiyi, its promoter, says that she wanted solutions that would help the most disadvantaged but that were also useful for everyone else.

“We have started from households with fewer resources and we want to reach out to households from other social classes,” explains Bilikiss. “We believe that the model can be exported to other cities and we will do so when we consider that our situation is stable. Because the waste problem is not limited to Lagos, but is general ”.

Adebiyi also considers new technologies essential, since he is aware that in the near future they will evolve along with his project.

“New technologies can go a long way in solving the problem of waste collection. For starters, they facilitate communication with the target people. And in addition, it helps to generate adequate awareness. Thus, people will better understand the waste collection process ”.

He has turned the problem into an opportunity, and not just his, but an opportunity for thousands of people.


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