Mexico: They will declare dogs and cats "non-human persons"

Mexico: They will declare dogs and cats

This was announced a few days ago by representatives of the town of Valle de Bravo, a Mexican town in the State of Mexico, located 156 km southwest of Mexico City.

In an official statement, the elected mayor of Valle de Bravo, Mauricio Osorio Domínguez, together with the producer Raúl Julia Levy and the director of the Liva Organization, Mariana Martínez García, indicated that this initiative responds to the fact that Mexico occupies third place in the world of violence towards animals.

The proclamation ceremony will take place on January 19, 2016. The attendance of politicians and the president of the organization The Humane Society of the United States, Wayne Pacelle, as well as Mexican artists and activities that defend the rights of the animals.

In November, the law that punishes animal abuse with 5 years in prison was approved

Plenary unanimously approved the law that protects domestic and wild animals. Bullfights are not included

The Plenary of the Congress of the Republic unanimously approved the Animal Protection and Welfare Law that establishes penalties for mistreatment and cruelty caused by human beings.
With 90 votes and favor, zero against and zero abstentions, it was approved to incorporate article 207-A to the Penal Code to punish with imprisonment no more than three years, with a 100 to 180 days fine, those responsible for acts of cruelty to domestic animals.
In the event of the death of the animal, the penalty is extended from three to five years in prison, with 150 to 360 days of fine and disqualification.
At the beginning of November, the Justice Commission of Congress approved modifying the bill, but did not consider including bullfights and cockfights in the scope of the regulation, shows whose promoters will be exempt from sanction.


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