Is Climate Change, Atmospheric Degradation, Degradation of the Natural Environment, the effect, the cause, or are they simply the problem?

Is Climate Change, Atmospheric Degradation, Degradation of the Natural Environment, the effect, the cause, or are they simply the problem?

By Humberto Rojas Rodríguez *

Is Climate Change natural or artificial?

There is a natural Climate Change that is cyclical, but it is a very long process, it can take place over 10,000, 20,000, or more years; but the accelerated overheating of the planet, which we are experiencing today, has been present for just 100 years, coinciding with the “shot” of Civilization.

At first glance, the main cause of global warming is that coming from the combustion of fossil resources and their derivatives: (Oil, Gas, Coal, among others). Actually the dynamics of Civilization, which generates atmospheric overheating, is born and comes from this stage of humanity, called Civilization, being Civilization the effect of Private Interests; and the Particular Interests the effect of the accumulation of crops, and of the DIFFERENTIATION of accumulation; These latter phenomena, after the discovery of cultivation, and without which the struggle of empires and classes, or civilization would not have been generated.

Will we be on the way to specify the cause of Climate Change, with fossil combustion being the last or the penultimate effect?

The phenomenon of accumulation of crops, at the beginning of civilization, gave rise to the differentiation of accumulation, which generated the Particular Interests, and as an effect of these, Civilization and the present human reality were born; reality that it threw: The accumulation that exists today in the planet, that we could call: Infrastructure, astronomical development of technology and its incalculable diversity; immeasurable development of science in countless fields; which leads us to suggest that infrastructure, science and technology have taken over the brain capacity, or are sizing it up.

At the moment, a totally inverse work is taking place from what nature did through millions of years; that dialectical, slow, permanent work of nature expressed in humanity gave the development of what we call: human life, functions, meanings and its ability to relate to the outer and inner world. It was a slow work over a very long time, and we are destroying it in a few decades, we would say that in the last 100 years, we have done the greatest destruction.

Our world is at the service of Private Interests, and Private Interests are not only a powerful force; They are not only the force that governs the current cycle of humanity, which we call Civilization; they are the phenomenon of the cycle, creator of civilization.

Civilization (the interests), has produced negative effects, such as: pollution and atmospheric degradation, the degradation of water, soil and food, which are affecting all organisms, in all their reality; the exploitation, combustion and gasification of oil, coal and gas, generators of global warming.

We are mounted on a reality, with some positive fruits of civilization and other negative ones. How to handle this reality? … It is what we must work on thoroughly, that is, we have to think that errands must be done, but we must think and act thoroughly, to solve the central questions that humanity has: moving from research to the stage of dialectic, where everything is related and that sees the world as a whole, leaving the stage of Particular exclusively, which is typical of civilization: the positive.

Is there a way to stop this problem, which is presented to humanity, basically to life, to the planet's biodiversity, to the health of the species, to civilization?

Yes, if humanity manages to discover how to give unity and direct its actions, in a correct, rational direction, a product of knowledge and consciousness, for which it would have to reach an understanding of nature, and civilization and that, that consciousness all youth are irrigated, the entire population of the planet, through the Global Educational System. Without this element, it is humanly impossible to reverse the degradation phenomenon, it is impossible to give sustainability through time to the natural environment, to human life, and civilization would be mortally affected if we did not seek correction, that is, it would disappear.

The Force of Global Consciousness, through the Global Educational System, based on a Philosophical Conception, creator of common ideals, which generate Human Unity, is the force to balance the force of Particular Interests, and to be able to direct humanity to them. Given this balance, humanity, nature and civilization are projected into the future.

Given this balance, Climate Change and the entire human, natural and civilization crisis are resolved.

The natural environment and human nature have tolerances, giving rise to antagonistic contradictions and, civilization has passed over them, has broken those tolerances ...

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