Dismantling the false myths of being a vegetarian one by one

Dismantling the false myths of being a vegetarian one by one

Beyond the announcement of the World Health Organization about processed meats and their relationship with cancer, the truth is that there is increasing scientific evidence that shows that a diet that is closer to vegetarian confers obvious benefits for health. As Alba Juanola, author of the blog 'My life with a vegan' and the book 'My vegetarian recipes' (Salsa Books, 2015) explains to Infosalus, there are more and more food brands that take into account vegans and vegetarians and the labels of The products include more information on the origin of raw materials and the composition of the food. "Although a few years ago going to do the shopping could be more complicated, it is no longer a luxury to buy vegetarian diet products and foods for vegetarians are increasingly accessible," says the author.

Juanola's recipe manual includes simple and easy-to-prepare dishes, weekly menu proposals, and tips for making the healthy move to a more vegetarian diet. In addition, the author has shared with Infosalus some of the most common and heard false myths about vegetarianism:

1. Being a vegetarian is not difficult Yes it is true that many people when they think about the idea of ​​being vegetarian say that they will not be able to follow a healthy diet due to lack of information and not knowing how to take the step. "When you read, inform yourself, find recipes and new ingredients, you realize that the variety is as wide or more as that which exists in the omnivorous diet", points out Juanola, who points out the importance of a varied diet based on numerous types of legumes, cereals and seeds that exist, in addition to vegetables and fruits. Of course, in case of doubt you have to consult your doctor or nutritionist.

2. Being vegetarian is not expensive What is more expensive is the consumption of organic products. Organic vegetarian patés, vegan sausages, processed foods such as hamburgers or sausages can also be expensive, but they are foods that Juanola encourages to prepare at home and that in this way they will not be an excessive expense. "The price of food depends on how you decide to eat, what you spend on meat or fish can be used for vegetarian products, you have to bear in mind that organic increases more and from time to time you can buy processed vegetarian products," says the author.

3. You can have a social life and go out It does not have to be a problem to be a vegetarian, there are more and more vegetarian restaurants, especially in large cities and if not, you can always ask for the meatless option in the restaurant in question, if it is for a day you can be flexible. And if the question is to go to eat at a friend's house, it is more than certain that he will like to prepare you some special vegetarian dish.

4. How boring, all day lettuce! The lack of information is what can make some people think that the vegetarian diet is limited or that lettuce is the star food. A vegetarian tends to eat a much larger variety of legumes and grains than is included in a traditional omnivorous diet. Lettuce is usually part of the menu but not even raw vegans are limited by this false myth.

5. Being vegetarian and being healthy is possible. It is about making a diet as varied as possible with legumes, cereals, seeds and vegetables and fruits. The vegetarian option is a personal matter but most of those who follow it say they feel better and with more vitality. However, Juanola advises that when in doubt it is best to find a good nutritionist to advise us.

6. What about protein if you are a vegetarian? Proteins also exist in the plant world as well as in animals, although they are more complete because they contain a higher concentration of amino acids. However, animal proteins contain a large amount of purines that must be dissolved by the liver and eliminated by the kidney. Combined vegetable proteins have the same nutritional value as animal proteins and are healthier because they contain less purines.


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