The Barcelona zoo euthanizes healthy newborn animals

The Barcelona zoo euthanizes healthy newborn animals

The Animalist Association LiBERA! and the conservationist DEPANA, Lliga per a la Defensa del Patrimoni Natural, denounced the Barcelona Zoo for the intentional and unjustified death of a newborn Asian antelope calf last December, which they consider "a very serious violation" of the Law that regulates zoos.

The "culling", or elimination of animals from a population by means of the "humane slaughter", is recognized as an "appropriate form of management" by the international and European associations of zoos and aquariums, WAZA and EAZA, of which the Barcelona Zoo be part.

The international ZOOXXI campaign proposes the definitive elimination of "culling" and other practices of this type, which they consider "disgusting", while regretting that they are "common and widespread" in zoos around the world.

FREE! and DEPANA have denounced the Barcelona Zoo before the Generalitat de Catalunya for considering that intentional and unjustified death was given to a newborn Asian antelope, thus violating the Law on zoological parks.

The events took place at the beginning of last December and at that time the Barcelona Zoo already justified the death of the animal due to lack of space and means in the facilities, a practice, according to the complainants, widespread in zoos around the world.

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