The first sustainable school in Latin America will be built

The first sustainable school in Latin America will be built

It is an innovative building that will be used to provide education to the school population of the area.

It will have an area of ​​270 m2, which will annually house one hundred children who will grow up through a direct link with nature and the environment.

For seven weeks, more than 200 Uruguayan and international collaborators will participate in the construction and learn the Earthship construction method, to ensure the possibility of replicating this experience in other parts of our country.

This school, with a rural model, will allow the community to live daily by reusing waste, taking advantage of natural resources and respecting the environment.

Through this school it will be possible to connect and promote education, technology and innovation in a sustainable lifestyle.

For the construction of this self-sustaining premises in which public primary education will be taught, traditional materials will be used as well as tires, cans, bottles and cardboard.

His will put into practice in this way, the innovative construction system, based on the reuse of materials and sustainability, both environmental and social of the organization Earthship Biotecture chaired by the American architect Michael Reynolds.

Finally, the project will take place in Jaureguiberry, where school No. 294 will be built.

The place was selected by ANEP because there, the agency rented a house that functioned as a rural school.

Jaureguiberry, a coastal town in the Canelones department of about 500 inhabitants that has more school-age children than it can accommodate. The land where the new rural school No. 294 will be built is located at Km 80 on the Interbalnearia Route.

Since the end of 2014, we have been involving children, teachers, parents and neighbors in what the construction phase will be a unique opportunity for participation and ownership of the project by the inhabitants of Jaureguiberry.


Video: South Americas first sustainable school (September 2021).