The Pope calls in a video message for a new lifestyle that protects the environment

The Pope calls in a video message for a new lifestyle that protects the environment

Pope Francis has urged through a video message published today to take care of the environment and, for this, he recommends promoting a new lifestyle that frees the world from "the slavery of consumerism."

“We agree that the earth is a common heritage whose fruits should benefit everyone. However, what happens in the world where we live? ", He questioned in this second" video of the Pope ", with which every month he wants to address a specific issue.

Francisco stressed that "the relationship between poverty and the fragility of the planet requires another way of exercising economy and progress, achieving a new lifestyle."

The pontiff, looking at the camera and in Spanish, assured that "we need a conversion that unites us all: free ourselves from the slavery of consumerism."

“This month I make a special request of you: that we take care of the creation received as a gift that must be cultivated and protected for future generations. Take care of the common home ”, he concluded.

The 1.25 minute recording intersperses images related to the environment such as mountains or meadows and intersperses them with some scenes that highlight the phenomenon of pollution, such as cyclists wearing masks or dirty beaches.

The pope appears again sitting at a desk, under an overhead light, looking at the camera and delivering his message slowly.

The issue of environmental protection, of "the common home", has been the object of great attention by Francis during his pontificate and also focused on his first encyclical, "Laudato Sì" (2015).

"The Pope's Video", as this initiative has been called, is disseminated on social networks and, although its original version is in the mother tongue of the Argentine Pope, it is also subtitled in ten other languages.

Its objective is to raise awareness about the challenges of humanity and to indicate to the faithful around the world the prayer intentions for each month that, in the case of February, will be the “care of Creation”.

The idea is part of the acts of the Extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy and has been promoted by the Pope's World Prayer Network, which is in charge of “praying and living for the challenges of humanity that concern the Holy Father”.

The first “pope video” was last January and was dedicated to the dialogue between religions.

According to figures from the “La Machi” agency, the promoter of this initiative, the video has already registered more than five million visits on different internet channels and a potential audience in the media of 114 million people a day.


Video: Vatican calls on every Christian to become involved in protecting the environment (September 2021).