The solidarity wall

The solidarity wall

By Raul Manisse

The solidarity wall is a wonderful initiative to help people who especially need clothing and shelter to cope with the cold, especially for those who live on the streets. These are the walls of goodness, where anyone can donate clothing, shoes, and accessories to those who need them most.

The walls were born just before Christmas, especially in Tehran, where the number of homeless people is constantly growing. The initiative was initially propagated simply by word-of-mouth and photos posted on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag # WallOfKindness and quickly grew and moved to other areas of the country, where new walls of goodness were created.

The first wall was born in the northern Iranian city of Mashad by someone who remains anonymous and does not want publicity.

Once again the power of sharing combined with creativity and the desire to help others, creates a beautiful initiative that we hope can be replicated throughout this world, where, unfortunately, there is so much inequality, where many of us have too much and others have very little.

In this case, a wall, a symbol of division and separation, becomes a symbol of solidarity and mutual aid.


Video: The Mighty Hunter. A Short Film by Michael Ekblad (September 2021).