Microwave oven: a danger in your kitchen?

Microwave oven: a danger in your kitchen?

Long-term illnesses, denaturing of food, elimination or destruction of nutritional compounds such as vitamins, memory loss, tumor growth, are some of the reasons cited by Kopp, why the use of the microwave can be harmful to our Health.

DNA corruption

Food in the microwave heats up because the water molecules vibrate due to the waves emitted (which can reach 2,400 megahertz) and produce heat, which spreads to the rest of the components and in this process, the DNA can be corrupted . When we eat these foods, our body immediately detects that they are unknown elements and tries not to absorb them, so it encapsulates them in fat and tries to eliminate them quickly. But those that do manage to sneak in could completely alter cell function.

Decreased hormone production

Sex hormones (female and male) can be affected in their production by the continuous consumption of processed foods in the microwave, which could cause problems of various kinds. Different degrees of infertility, deterioration in the quality of male gametes (sperm) and the increased risk of offspring with deficiencies, brain damage, syndromes or malformations, are some of the possible consequences of this hormonal alteration.

Brain damage

Corrupt DNA can be the cause of a phenomenon known as demagnetization or depolarization of brain tissue, since being an element unknown to the body, it produces "short circuits" in brain neurons. Over time, significant deteriorations can occur that lead people to suffer from: depression, different degrees of mental retardation, Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, loss of intelligence (cognitive impairment) and / or dementia.

Residual effects

All the effects that can be caused by denaturing food by processing using the microwave oven are usually permanent, so they are considered residual effects. This is especially serious when what is heated is baby food, since certain amino acids (the bases of proteins) are transformed into neurotoxins and nephro toxins that affect the nervous and renal systems respectively.

Nutrient degradation

The vast majority of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, can be affected by exposure to microwaves. This means that what we eat after going through the happy oven, does not benefit us practically at all. This degradation occurs in vitamins C, E and the B complex, in meat proteins, in vegetable sugars, in various essential minerals and in a large number of liposubstances (fats), among many others.

Immune system involvement

The systematic denaturation of food components can be a trigger for immunodeficiency problems at the lymphatic level. This would cause abnormal growths called neoplasms, aggravation of cancers, especially those of the colon and stomach (because tumors also grow) and degradation in the tissues of the excretory systems and the digestive system.

Conversion to free radicals

The minerals contained in foods of plant origin are exposed to be transformed into free radicals, which can mutate them into carcinogens, to the point that a group of Russian researchers distinguishes an evil, called "microwave disease". In the first phase, there is a slow pulse and low pressure, later on, headaches, stomach aches, irritability, stress, hair loss and insomnia may occur, and in its chronic phase adrenal exhaustion and heart ailments.

Cancer cells increase

In various studies, the increase of this type of cells has been verified, especially in the blood, when there is a prolonged consumption of foods that have been bombarded by microwaves and that degrade their chemical composition. This would cause disorders at the lymphatic level (which makes our body unable to fight against invasive substances such as cancer or bacterial or viral microorganisms), increases the rate of cancer cases and could even generate disorders and gradual collapse of systems such as the kidney or the digestive.

Mental functional problems

Consuming food for a long time that has previously been heated or cooked in a microwave oven, can be the cause of problems such as: loss of concentration and memory, decreased intelligence level and emotional instability.

A weapon without violence

Many times, electromagnetic signals have been used as dissuasive weapons of the masses, since if people are exposed to them, something like a numbness is achieved, due to the action of said waves on the brain tissue, so without exerting violence can be easily controlled. Artificial microwaves applied to brain tissue can be useful tools for psychological control at a subliminal level, so every time food exposed to them is ingested or if there is any leakage of said waves from a device, the consequences would be catastrophic for mental health .

A final thought

The forensic study carried out by William P. Kopp in its original version is in English, states that it is supported by the A. R. E. C. Research Operations and is cataloged under the number: TO61-7R10 / 10-77F05. We have limited ourselves to sharing the content of this document, but we want to make it clear that it is not our intention to create alarmism regarding the use of the microwave, but simply to give our readers the possibility of knowing the point of view of this researcher.


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