Nebia: the smart shower that has conquered Apple

Nebia: the smart shower that has conquered Apple

And it does so with a tap with a special diffuser, which replaces the jet of water that we are used to in shower taps with a kind of cloud or mist that saves up to 70% more of this precious liquid than in a room. normal bathroom. Some studies indicate that the shower takes 17% of the total consumption of water in American homes.

In 2010 Carlos Gómez Andonaegui was looking for ways to save water in the chain of gyms that he managed in Mexico. That led him to partner with Philip Winter, an American who was enjoying a scholarship in that country, and together they founded Nebia, which moved to San Francisco last year.

Winter sought inspiration for Nebia by studying the technology used by aircraft engines and agricultural irrigation systems. The goal was to learn to disperse water in a way that was, at the same time, efficient and able to rinse the shampoo from the hair. It is about covering the largest area with the least amount of water possible.

Although it is not another connected object of those known as the Internet of things, with its proposal, Nebia has captured the investment of such prominent names at the forefront of technology such as Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, or Eric Schmidt from Google. It is not, they point out from The Wall Street Journal, the only example of a new hardware surge that is flooding Silicon Valley.

It was precisely in the gyms used by workers on the Apple, Google and Stanford University campuses, among other temples of technology, where Nebia began to test the first prototypes of this shower. In fact, the head is made from the same aluminum that Apple makes its laptops.


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