5 habits we need to leave behind to be ourselves

5 habits we need to leave behind to be ourselves

Different purposes that may have to do with our work, our family, our training, our health, etc.

We swear that we will abandon not very positive habits, habits that we have identified as tripping - more or less small - that take us away from a goal, a dream or an optimal state.

If we have already added several decades, these proposals may be accompanied by the pessimism generated by realizing that in previous years we have done the same and have not achieved some of our purposes.

However, we should not confuse this pessimism with the idea that we have no control over our lives. We may have the feeling that our ship is going where it wants, but that does not mean that we have no influence on its course. It also does not mean that the past is a good predictor of the future, that we have tried and failed to achieve it once, twice, three times, four times, etc., it does not mean that we cannot achieve it the next.

To get a little closer to fulfilling our dreams, today I invite you to let go of 5 habits that we need to leave behind to be the best version of ourselves.

“You have to take risks, follow certain paths and abandon others. No person chooses without fear. "

-Paulo Coelho-

Stop punishing yourself for what you couldn't accomplish

Time heals but it can also end the opportunity to live what you long for, your dreams and goals. Life is precious because it teaches us to adapt at every moment. Unexpected surprises can lead us to be better people and to improve ourselves.

Accepting that we cannot encompass everything and that we depend in part on the universe is part of the law of the whole. We are not superheroes and, although we are masters of our own destiny, we do not have to be too strict in our judgments and forget that there are many circumstances that affect us. That we can't control everything.

The people we love, the unpredictable situations and the surprising thing happens for a reason. If you have not been able to carry out your plan of action, give yourself the gift of imperfection. Believe me, it is one of the best virtues and habits that we can enjoy, since it allows us to value the beauty of life.

Stop constantly waiting for approval from your environment

It is true that we are sociable beings, which implies sharing and learning from our surroundings and from the people we love. Their trust guides us along the path we have set for ourselves, but it is true that constantly relying on it does not make it easier for us to be ourselves.

Taking into account the opinion of others for any decision we have to make takes us away from our inner voice. Thus, not taking it into account extinguishes us as extraordinary beings, without allowing us to advance and give the best of ourselves. A strong mind and personality helps us to develop it, being able to acquire it with simple steps like the ones that I will love to share with you in this video:

Trust yourself and listen to how much your heart has to say, the one that knows you perfectly and knows what virtues you can enhance at all times. Remember that if you made mistakes it is natural. That is why we are human, because we are unique and unrepeatable. Therein lies the greatness of our souls, learning from mistakes and continuing to trust.

“It has always been believed that there is something called destiny, but it has always been believed that there is something else called agency. What qualifies man is the balance of that contradiction. "

-Gilbert Keith Chesterton-

Take off the false masks that protect you

In this new stage of your life, the moment you want to start, value yourself, stop and observe yourself taking as a reference a different side of your own prism. Understand that, as I mentioned in previous points, our greatness lies in being unique and unrepeatable, imperfect and wise at the same time.

Create a strength that emanates from you, not that protects you as one of your fundamental habits. You do not need anything to defend you, because even in your weakest points you can grow. Start being yourself.

Let go of all that little positive that took place

Discover and enhance your virtues, honoring what you consider defects. But, without forgetting that these make you who you are. Many people appeared in your life to assess how lucky you are to enjoy the company of those who are part of you, your circle of trust.

In addition, many less-than-positive situations occurred to make you realize that everything, absolutely everything, even the most negative, has a beautiful side: accepting and valuing the learning discovered. All those difficult moments, which can evoke uncomfortable emotions, accept them. You were lucky to learn from them and above all, as I very well like to tell myself, to be alive and full to enjoy them.

Don't keep those thoughts that make you doubt yourself

As extraordinary human beings we have a duty to fulfill, to be masters of our own destiny. This task contemplates the inner wisdom that "everything depends on ourselves and we can choose what actions to carry out in our life journey."

Doubting your worth only leads to pessimism and defeat, even before you have taken action. You have everything you need in you and you enjoy extraordinary qualities that only you have the power to awaken and use to be yourself.

“Act instead of beg. Sacrifice yourself with no hope of glory or reward! If you want to know the miracles, do them before. Only in this way can your peculiar destiny be fulfilled. "

-Ludwig van Beethoven-

Mind is Wonderful

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