Bee population decreases worldwide

Bee population decreases worldwide

By José Carlos Díaz Zanelli

Although at first glance it may seem like local news, the problem has global features. A few days ago Greenpeace denounced the massive death of honey bees as a result of a tree fumigation campaign in three Spanish regions.

Between the regions of Murcia, Valencia and Andalusia, the death of more than 225 thousand bees is estimated, and the destruction of more than 50 hives. The data is not less if it is taken into account that it is an animal whose existence is on the way to extinction within the Iberian Peninsula.

So dramatic has the situation of these animals become that in recent years the European Union (EU) carried out a study to determine the mortality of bees in 17 countries on the continent.

The result is that during the winter the mortality figures reach up to 33%, a record that decimates the population and affects beekeepers.

In fact, the latest analysis by the EU Reference Laboratory for Health detected the disappearance of more than 30 thousand hives between 2012 and 2013, which represents an incalculable number of millions of missing bees.

Global issue

In 2010, the EU had already issued a statement warning of the danger of the disappearance of bees and giving a series of recommendations that, so far, have not been met.

Investigations have also been undertaken in the United States, although the most recent by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that the disappearance of hives is mainly due to the presence of a virus.

This undoubtedly minimizes the man-made death of bees. The main factors continue to be the use of pesticides in crop fields and genetic modification within agriculture.

The most serious consequences of this so-called "hive depopulation syndrome" is that bees play an important role in the stability of crop fields thanks to their pollinating role.

This added to an evident drop in the generation of honey, a product of high consumption worldwide.

In the following video, we will appreciate the causes of the disappearance of bees worldwide:


Video: Bee Population Decline - Explained (September 2021).