How to fight stress naturally

How to fight stress naturally

By Teresa Ortiz

Who has not been stressed at some time in his life? It is important to note that a certain level of stress is good for facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, but being subjected to high levels of stress and for a long time causes our health to suffer, to the point that we could suffer from some diseases.

At this time it is necessary to stop and think about what is causing us this stressful situation and try to control or solve it. Sometimes we want to cover more than we really can, doing a multitude of tasks a day, without realizing it until we fall exhausted, exhausted, at this moment we do not realize the overexertion we are doing.

But there comes a time when the body alerts us that we must stop, it is like a defense mechanism that our body sets in motion and with which it is alerting us that we must stop and organize ourselves.

Sometimes stress also appears because we are going through some complicated time in our lives, such as work reasons, some emotional states such as the breakup of a couple, the loss of a loved one, having negative thoughts, worries, anticipating what is going to happen , fear of the future.

The rhythm of life that we lead sometimes makes us go against the clock, which is why we often resort to fast food, consuming unhealthy foods such as processed foods or foods rich in sugars and saturated fats.

These bad habits in terms of eating end up taking a toll on our health and sooner or later we will notice it.

Coping with stressful situations while being strong and with the contribution of the necessary nutrients, will not be the same as if we are caught poorly fed or in poor shape.

Some symptoms that accompany stress such as fatigue, tiredness, reluctance, loss of concentration, loss of sleep, could sometimes be related to a lack of magnesium.

At this time it is necessary to reinforce our diet by including foods that give us an extra amount of this mineral, and that also promote the proper functioning of the nervous system, helping it to strengthen it.

Magnesium performs important functions in our body, helps to keep our muscles, nerves, bones, and also strengthens our immune system.

In the case of people who practice some type of physical activity or sport, it is even advisable to take some magnesium intake in addition to that taken through diet.

The following foods should not be missing in our diet: nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, chard, watercress, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, chives, leeks, avocado, banana, cereals such as oats, whole grains, legumes, beans, dark chocolate and dried fruits such as dried apricots, prunes, dried bananas, dried figs, dates, raisins, in shellfish, squid, milk and fresh goat cheese.

These foods, in addition to containing magnesium, are also necessary because they are beneficial for the nervous system since they are rich in proteins, rich in vitamins A, B, B12, C, and minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, copper and phosphorus.

In addition to trying to cope with stress through food, we can also resort to a series of tips and natural remedies that will also help us to improve some symptoms associated with stress such as lack of concentration, lack of vitality, to calm down in cases of anxiety, help us fall asleep and calm some digestive discomforts that appear as a result of stress.

Linden infusion

Linden is a medicinal plant that has calming, relaxing properties, it is ideal for controlling anxiety, mental confusion as well as for cases in which you have heartburn.

To prepare this infusion we will need a teaspoon of linden flowers, 200 ml. mineral water, a teaspoon of orange blossom honey or whole cane sugar.


In a heater we put the water to boil and once it boils, we add the teaspoon of linden flowers.

Let it boil for about 2 minutes and then remove from the heat and let it rest covered for about 10 minutes.

Uncover, strain the infusion and sweeten it to taste.

Of this infusion we can take 2 cups a day, preferably at night or in situations of anxiety.

Rhodiola infusion

This plant contains properties that benefit us against lack of concentration, lack of motivation, fatigue, tiredness and favors the ability to concentrate.

To prepare this infusion we only need a teaspoon of rhodiola, a cup of mineral water and a teaspoon of honey or brown cane sugar.


We put the water to boil and once it begins to boil we add the teaspoon of rhodiola to the water.

We turn off the heat, cover, and let it rest for 10 minutes.

Uncover the infusion, strain and sweeten to taste.

Royal jelly remedy for lack of concentration

Royal jelly is a natural remedy that nature gives us to deal with states of fatigue, to help us concentrate, stimulate the mind, improve mood, and the appetite that we sometimes lack when we are stressed.

We can get royal jelly in herbalists, parapharmacies, natural product stores, online.

We can find it in ampoules, or vials, capsules, syrup.

We will take the royal jelly according to the indications of the format we have chosen

Apple skin infusion

Apple skin has relaxing properties, helps us face anxiety situations, improves memory, and helps us fall asleep.

To prepare this infusion we need the washed skin of an apple, a cup of mineral water, a teaspoon of honey or a teaspoon of whole cane sugar.


We put the water to boil and once it boils we add the apple skin.

Let it boil for about 2 minutes, remove from heat, cover the infusion and let it rest for 5 minutes.

Uncover the infusion, remove the skin from the apple and sweeten to taste.

2 snacks: quince paste and boiled apple

These two fruits are ideal in case stress or nerves attack us in the stomach, causing digestive discomforts such as heartburn, gastritis, heavy digestion, diarrhea.

These fruits have the particularity of being digestive as they are already cooked.

We can prepare some taquitos of quince paste and eat it mid-morning or in the afternoon.

The boiled apple is also ideal to eat in the middle of the morning or in the afternoon.


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