How to make a newspaper bag

How to make a newspaper bag

They are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource whose exploitation harms the environment, sometimes in catastrophic proportions - such as oil spills that destroy flora and fauna in large areas across the globe. Not to mention that they take around 300 years to decompose.

The options to get rid of them are many. First came the ecological bags as a solution to the plastic bags from the supermarket. Now many countries are banning their use, in the case of Senegal, or limiting it by forcing supermarkets not to give them free. But we can also contribute our bit by using bags that do not pollute and on top of that we can make ourselves.

Two examples:

Made by Juliana Valentini: a bag with newspaper for trash.

Made with typical origami folds, they help the decomposition of waste, which in direct contact with the environment occurs faster than it does inside a plastic bag.

The process is very easy and takes about 20 seconds. You only have to use one, two or even three sheets of paper at a time, increasing the difficulty the more bags we add.

A bag with newspaper, ideal for gifts:

All with the mind set on reducing plastic consumption.


Video: How to make Paper Bag from waste Newspaper. DIY paper bag (September 2021).