Urge WWF to Stop Funding Abuses in Southeast Cameroon

Urge WWF to Stop Funding Abuses in Southeast Cameroon

The Baka “pygmies” of Cameroon are being driven from their ancestral lands in the name of “conserving” nature. Much of their territories have been converted into "protected areas". Hunting regulations often criminalize them as "poachers" when they hunt to feed their families. The Baka have not consented to these projects and yet the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) continues to support them.

In addition, park rangers often harass and attack Baka men and women and their neighbors.


WWF is one of the Cameroonian Government's most influential partners, providing critical support and funding for these poaching patrols. More than 13 years have passed since he first learned of the abuse suffered by the Baka at the hands of patrols and he has yet to take any effective action.

Please send an email to the CEO of WWF International asking him to stop funding poaching patrols until the abuses stop and to respect its commitments to human rights.

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For: Dr Marco Lambertini

Shipping addresses: [email protected]

I am very concerned to learn that Baka men and women in Cameroon frequently experience violence and intimidation at the hands of park rangers and soldiers accompanying them on patrols.
WWF provides essential funding and support for these patrols through the Ministry of Forests and Fauna. WWF therefore has a responsibility to ensure that these funds are not used to violate the rights of the Baka and their neighbors.
I am also concerned about the fact that WWF continues to support protected areas and restrictions on subsistence hunting on Baka land, even though the Baka have not consented to these measures. This violates WWF's own principles on indigenous peoples.
I urge you to take immediate steps to ensure that WWF funds are not used inappropriately for such abuses and that WWF's work in Cameroon complies with its own principles on conservation and indigenous peoples.



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