The miracle remedy is a poison: Fluoride

The miracle remedy is a poison: Fluoride

By Marion Kuprat

There was a time when I also relied on the recommendations of dentists. Everything you knew, p. For example, about fluoride, before I started looking for the reasons for the methods used, I knew about it from advertising and from dentists. But then I came across some very interesting and compelling information that made me make the decision to go forward with fluoride-containing toothpastes.

What is fluoride?

Fluorides are the salts of hydrofluoric acid. Solid fluorine compounds are, for example, calcium fluoride or sodium fluoride. In trace amounts, fluorine compounds are also natural elements that are part of the earth's crust. Plants extract natural fluoride from groundwater. Therefore, a small amount of fluoride is also contained in our diet. Despite the fact that fluorine is a natural substance, it is also extremely toxic to humans.

The sodium fluoride content in a medium-sized toothpaste tube is approximately 2.5 grams. However, an injection of 2.5 grams of sodium fluoride can already be a lethal dose. This means that the sodium fluoride content in a medium-sized tube of toothpaste is enough to kill a very young child if they consumed the entire tube in one sitting. Since children's toothpaste has such a rich strawberry flavor, it is often difficult for a child to understand that swallowing the toothpaste could be toxic. Fluoride toothpaste contains a significantly higher concentration of fluorides compared to fluoride found in nature.

Fluoride diffusion

Since the forties of the last century, fluoride has been considered a panacea for the prevention of cavities. But it is easy to overlook that fluoride is a dangerous poison whose toxicity is higher than that of lead and arsenic, and that in chemical laboratories it must always be handled under strict safety measures. Chlorine fluoride, the same substance added to our toothpaste and advertised in strawberry-flavored children's toothpaste, is also found in mouthwash, table salt, baked goods, and even in milk, in addition to psychoactive drugs, in bottled water and now also in tap water - and it is at the same time also the active substance in insecticides and in rat poison!

The "fluoride prevention program" planned worldwide and, of course, approved by the authorities, is one of the most massive attacks on public health in medical history. It is a scandal in which leading scientists, universities, governments and institutions participate that in its scope and extension, after almost a hundred years of lies, ignorance and deception, is hardly credible, and that despite the fact that the documentation of the fraud is quite complete.

Historical development of fluoridation

For those who are interested in the historical development of fluoridation, here is an excerpt from the book "Vorsicht Fluor" ("Beware of Fluorine") by the German physician and nutritionist researcher Dr. Max Otto Bruker and the Austrian physicist Rudolf Ziegelbecker , (emu editorial, ISBN 3-89189-013-3). The book is a recapitulation of facts, data, people and reasons that have led to the fluoridation of food.

“The long debated fluoridation (drinking water, pills, toothpastes, table salt) is not the result of medical research, but the common interests of various branches of industry. Above all of them is the sugar industry that was looking for a remedy to prevent tooth decay without reducing sugar intake. The next stakeholders are the fluorine-producing industries, among which are mainly the aluminum, steel and phosphate industry, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, which, by threatening to withdraw its advertisements, prevents the publication of critical reports on the medication with fluorides in medical journals.

The true wave of fluoride comes from the US which had already reached a number of countries before also appearing in the Federal Republic of Germany.

This is how the propaganda machine was started

Dr. Harvey I. Petraborg, Aitkin Minn., USA, writes in an article "Is the fluoridation of drinking water a good business?":

“When an industry encounters marketing difficulties, it can turn, as described in 'Live' magazine, to an institute, the Mellon Institute in Pittsburgh, to explore new marketing possibilities for its products. In 1950, the American steel and aluminum industries did not know how to dispose of the large amounts of unsaleable fluorine compounds. For some time they were able to get rid of this waste by dumping it into rivers. But in December 1950, the aluminum industry was sentenced to a large fine due to a severe fish kills caused by sodium fluoride in the Columbia River. Consequently, he needed to find new uses for the fluoride residues that accumulated every day. A part could be sold for disinfection and deratization, but it was still very little and did not solve the problem.

Hence, a person from the aforementioned Mellon Institute, named Gerald G. Cox, was commissioned to find the solution to the problem of the use of fluoride. He agreed that fluoride could prevent dental caries and proposed the appropriate use of fluoride residues for this purpose. To achieve this, he had to convince the scientific world, in this case doctors and dentists, that fluoride was good for the teeth and that it was harmless to health. The facts that were known until that moment among specialists about the effects of fluorine - that fluorine was known as one of the worst poisons - had to be buried and the public had to be taught that fluorine is not a poison, but that it is a necessary nutrient.

And, indeed, this was achieved. Cox had contacts with influential people in the dental profession and at the National Research Council (NRC). These individuals received significant research contributions from industry. This, in fact, went so far that even fluoride was declared a nutrient. The Food & Nutrition Board of the National Research Council accepted the thesis that fluoride was a necessary substance, especially for the nutrition of teeth, without taking into account the fact that the populations with the healthiest teeth are found in areas where those in which fluoride hardly appears in nature.

It was not difficult for the cause to win the National Health Council (PHS) as well, since the dental department of the same has long sought discoveries equivalent to those of general medicine. Oscar Ewing, one of the lawyers for the aluminum companies, was director of the US Department of Social Welfare (Social Security) and director of the National Health Service (PHS). In this way it was possible to easily put the fluoridation idea into practice and generate liquidity with its spread.

When it comes to obtaining approval from the scientific guild and lay organizations for an innovation, the normal path is to discuss the pros and cons of scientific research results in specialized meetings and publications until the points of interest are clarified. view. In this case, this pathway has been overlooked.

Instead, study committees were formed. These were created under the direction of 1 to 2 advertising professionals who unilaterally provided the other members of the committee exclusively with information in favor of fluoridation, and those who expressed their doubts were branded as incompetent, misinformed and with financial interests.

None of these multiple companies and organizations conducted their own scientific research on the efficacy or safety of fluoride. This approach served its purpose so well that a situation arose in which it was necessary to defend fluoridation if its reputation was not to be lost. Officials from the National Health Service also held important positions at the World Health Organization (WHO) where they also advocated fluoridation. They got the WHO to come out in favor, which became the basis of a global campaign.

In the same way that the tobacco industry stimulated scientific research in its interests and awarded more than $ 7 million in grants to demonstrate the safety of tobacco use, here too scientists and directors of scientific corporations received funding for the research to show that fluoridation is harmless and safe.

In our age, atoms are divided, space is explored, and miracle cures are created. This makes it very easy to believe that tooth decay can be prevented with a simple measure such as fluoridation of drinking water. And indeed, it would be very nice if this were true, and everyone would like to be able to believe it.

Undoubtedly, current circumstances have contributed to the triumphant acceptance of the fluoridation idea. As soon as the leaders of the relevant organizations were in favor, all the other members changed their opinion and the matter was no longer in question. This continued, from the highest to the lowest layers, providing a great deal of informational material everywhere that insistently talked about the 65% reduction in cavities, the 'nutrient fluoride', the 'shortage of fluoride in drinking water ',' controlled fluoridation ', etc. However, all of these claims are unproven constructs. The 'harmless' topic is supported by one-sided McClure research.

The slogan 'the nutrient fluoride' has no scientific basis, and one cannot speak of a shortage of fluoride in drinking water. Dean already showed in 1936 that children can have stains on their teeth with just a third of the recommended fluoride concentration and similar research has recently been confirmed.

The '65% less tooth decay' motto was definitely disproved by researchers at the University of Melbourne in the test cities Newburgh and Grand Rapids, and the topic of 'controlled fluoridation' is also misleading. Although it is true that the supposed optimal dose of 1 ppm can be added to drinking water, the amounts of water ingested differ greatly from person to person and fluoride accumulates in the body. From the moment there are fluorides in the water, the control disappears. The way in which the fluoridation of drinking water occurred in the United States is unparalleled in the history of medicine. "

Mistreated water

Between 1924 and 1981 the magazine "The American Mercury" was published in the United States. In the 1950s the following letter from the well-known American industrial chemist Charles Eliot Perkins was published in this magazine, who was posted to Germany after World War II to organize the takeover of the chemical giant I.G. Farben. In this letter, which Perkins wrote on October 2, 1954 to the Lee Foundation for Nutrition Research in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he says among other things:

“… Fanatical ideologues, who support the fluoridation of water reserves, tell us that their goal is to reduce childhood dental caries. The credulity of the public is responsible for the current distribution of artificially fluoridated water. " (In Germany the water is protected, which is why they recommend fluoride in toothpastes and table salt.) “But,” continues Perkins in his letter, “- and I say this clearly and decisively - the real reason behind fluoridation of water is not the health of children's teeth. If that were really the reason, there would be other easier, cheaper and much more effective possibilities to carry it out.

The real reason for water treatment is to reduce the resistance of the masses against domination and control and the loss of freedom. At the back of the left brain hemisphere there is a small area responsible for the individual's strength to resist domination. Repeated minimal doses of fluorides will gradually reduce, after a certain time, the individual's strength to resist domination through gradual poisoning and drugging of that part of the brain. The consequence is the inability to make decisions for yourself. This makes it manipulable!

I say this with all the seriousness and sincerity of a scientist who has been researching the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorides for almost 20 years. Anyone who drinks artificially fluoridated water for a year or more will never be the same again, psychically or physically. "

(Source: Jim Keith, Conscious Control, quoted from "The American Mercury," undated edition, reprint in "Contact," January 31, 1995).

Contents of the book "Vorsicht Fluor" (Beware of fluoride):

This book is a collection of important truth-seeking documentation and evidence from parents, dentists, doctors, mutual and health insurance companies, authorities, and politicians. 9th edition of 2011 Tooth decay is not a disease due to fluoride deficiency, yet the administration of fluoride tablets and fluoridation of drinking water are still widespread throughout the world. This documentation indicates that to date its safety has not been proven. Fluoridation has become a political issue, since it is not so much about medical problems, but more about economic interests. The book was intensely criticized and continues to provoke bitter discussions to this day. However, its content has never been refuted. A brave book. Unfortunately this book has only been published in German. This is all the more regrettable given that there are hardly any witnesses and proofs of the madness that fluoridation supposes. So that you can still get an idea of ​​the scope of its content, the chapter titles are listed below:

? Index:

Dr. med. M. O. Bruker

  • The so-called science in tow of economic interests. ……… .7
  • Causes of tooth decay. ……….fifteen
  • Definition of fluorine - fluoride. ……….2. 3
  • The efficacy of fluorides has not been demonstrated. ……… .31
  • Critical Considerations About Statistics. ……… .31
  • Individual analysis of some statistics. ……… .38
  • Health damage due to fluorides. ……… .41
  • Dental points of view. ……… .55
  • Dental fluorosis as a sign of toxic damage. ……… .55
  • Delayed teething due to fluoride poisoning. ……… .56
  • Development of caries under the influence of fluoridation. ……… .56
  • Periodontal disease and mandibular abnormalities due to the influence of fluoride. ……… .57
  • General medical aspects of fluoridation of drinking water. ………. 59
  • Fluorides are enzyme inhibitors. ……… .62
  • Incorrect comparisons. ……… .63
  • The fluoridation of drinking water in European countries. ……… .64
  • Fluoride medication and the Constitution. ……… .69
  • Historical development of fluoridation. ……… .71
  • Thus the propaganda machine was set in motion. ……… .72
  • The development of fluorine in the Federal Republic of Germany. ……… .76
  • Economic facts. ……… .81
  • Is the public informed? ……… .91
  • The Knellecken case. ……… .119
  • Some of Dr. Knellecken's activities. ……… .134
  • The fluoridation of drinking water. ……… .181
  • The Federal Ministry of Health rejects the fluoridation of drinking water. ……… .182
  • Why the fluoridation of drinking water? ……… .183
  • The toxic global situation - increased environmental pollution by fluorides. ……… .184
  • The hygienic task of the public water supply. ……… .189
  • What does fluoridation of drinking water mean? ……… .190
  • Is the fluoridation of drinking water a task of water supply plants? ……… .191
  • Is it possible to guarantee the consumer an exact concentration of fluorides in drinking water? ……… .192
  • Optimal fluoride supply thanks to fluoridation of drinking water? ……… .194
  • Total fluoride intake not considered. ……… .196
  • Cost savings through fluoridation of drinking water. ……… .198
  • Excerpts from correspondence with GGB. ……… .201
  • Excerpts from the correspondence of Rudolf Ziegelbecker. ……… .235
  • Proponents of fluoride ignore the facts. ……… .281
  • Epilogue. ……… .291
  • Conclusion. ……… .319
  • New supplemental chapters added by Austrian physicist Rudolf Ziegelbecker:
  • Fluoride - useless for dental health, harmful to the body. ……… .321
  • Beware of fluoride - new warning. ……… .395
  • Bibliography. ……… .455

For dentists, approximately from the promotions of the 60s, fluoridation became a dogma whose veracity is no longer proven, despite the fact that it has been possible to verify that the fundamentals of fluoridation have turned out to be false.

The medical evidence on the prevention of cavities to this day has never been properly verified. Several field studies (that is, a systematic scientific observation under natural conditions) in the USA, Canada and New Zealand have even reached results that have shown the opposite.

How does fluoride work in fighting tooth decay?

The starting point was that fluoride was believed to be toxic to bacteria. Bacteria, like all living things, need food. Sugary foods are particularly ideal for bacteria in the oral cavity. Due to the sugar content in our diet, an ideal breeding ground is produced for the bacteria that cause diseases in the teeth and in the dental support. Although fluoride poisons bacteria thus reducing their ability to process sugar.

Fluoride is so toxic that it not only poisons bacteria, but also poisons other cells in our mouth as well.

Fluoride is supposed to harden tooth enamel and therefore make it more resistant against tooth decay bacteria. However, hardened tooth enamel breaks down much faster with hard foods than “unhardened” tooth enamel. Softer natural tooth enamel is much stronger than hardened enamel due to fluoride. This is not only true for teeth, but also for our bones. (Dr. Max Otto Bruker).

The danger of using fluoride

Fluorides can cause serious health problems, even if they are only taken in small doses, such as. For example, by means of toothpaste or also through fluoridated water. Fluoride builds up in the body! If inhaled in sinusitis.97722303_ ~ grading ~ large amounts, fluoride causes severe respiratory tract irritation, coughing, sore throat and shortness of breath. The symptoms of poisoning are very varied and can be consulted in the specialized literature. Contact with the skin causes irritation, redness and pain, since fluorides have corrosive effects. Contact with the eyes causes serious eye irritation and damage. Fluoride acts on the thyroid and blocks the metabolism of fats and proteins. This leads to massive obesity. Fats and proteins are stored in the tissue. People get fat, are tired, bored and inactive. Walter Mauch). Sodium fluoride reduces the sperm count in men. (David Rothseum in: "The biological manipulation of man").

Fluoride slowly but continuously quenches people's will to defend themselves. (Stephen "The Dickinson Statement: A Mind-Bogging Thesis" NEXUS magazine 1995).

Fluoride affects the brain and, as a neurotoxin, reduces the cognitive abilities of humans and animals. Dr. Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England was involved in a study that found that fluoride affects the pineal gland. 25% of all relevant tranquilizers and 60% of psychotropic drugs contain fluoride.

What can I do now?

I repeat it again: It is important to realize the consequences of fluoride and fluoride accumulating in the body! The well-known saying of the pharmaceutical lobby: "The dose makes the poison" is no longer applicable to fluorides due to their accumulation in the body. Therefore, it is important to avoid fluorides completely in the first place. However, since it is currently virtually impossible to completely avoid fluorides, and to re-expel inadvertently ingested fluoride, there are some measures. These consist of adequate water filtration, as well as additional substances that help to eliminate it. As substances that help its elimination are the liver cleanse according to Hulda Clark, turmeric, grapefruits, zeolite powder and especially also the elimination with borax.

To avoid tooth decay, simply start by cutting back on industrial sugar, white flour, and pastry products. Unfortunately, genetically modified aspartame is also not an alternative to sugar.

Filter the water

The safest method of removing fluoride from water is a good carbon block filter in conjunction with a pre-filter. I consider that osmosis is not suitable for this type of case, since the pressure affects the structure of the water and lowers the pH value. Using a high quality charcoal it is possible to filter or reduce most contaminants. Pure and microfine activated carbon block filters made from 100% fine-pored coconut shell are capable of filtering fluoride from drinking water. Depending on the case, it may be advisable to increase the active carbon content and, instead of a single cartridge, install two fine-block activated carbon filters in series. When replacing the cartridge, the new cartridge is simply placed in second place, as the last phase of fine filtration, while the cartridge that was previously in last place, is now placed in the place of the first phase of the filtration. It is also useful to equip the second cylinder (last cartridge) with a zeolite cartridge.

Vitalize the water

Depending on the proportion of contaminants contained in the water, toxic substances also leave behind their own structure of the contaminant. This structure is constantly fed back with information on the pollutant, regardless of whether it is in the water or not. Sometimes it is not possible to remove this structure by filtration alone. This information trapped in the structure of the water, as well as the last traces of the pollutant, are renewed in the depths of its structure through an adequate swirling of the water in accordance with nature, which is not possible only through filtration. The vitalization of the water that really goes deep to the base, is only possible by means of a correct and complete swirling of the water directed inwards. This applies to the entire quality of the water and especially to all those difficult to filter substances, fluorine and also nitrates. Sometimes just positive information for water is not enough. It is the structure of the water that retains the damage caused by toxins through its 'memory', as happens with some types of pain. The correct multiple swirl directed inwards shakes the structure of the water back into place so that it can now be filled with a lot of positive information.

"Medical science has made so much progress in recent decades that there are practically no healthy people anymore." Aldous Huxley, British writer (1894-1963)

Translation: Claudia Fischer - [email protected]

Marion kuprat

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