Coffee Capsules are banned in Hamburg for polluting too much

Coffee Capsules are banned in Hamburg for polluting too much

By Raúl Mannise

The prohibition is part of a government program for the reduction of waste and consists of the prohibition of "certain polluting products or polluting components thereof" and in turn the government buy back from people the machines acquired to use with these capsules as a measure compensatory.

Capsules are difficult to recycle because they are generally made from a mixture of plastic with aluminum. In addition, the capsules contain an average of between 6 g to 3 g of coffee, which is why the package-product ratio is crazy.

One eighth of all the coffee sold in Germany is in capsule form. But Hamburg is not the only European city that cares about the environmental impact of this material. A survey in Great Britain showed that 10% of people believe that coffee capsules are very bad for the environment despite 22% of them having a capsule coffee machine at home.

In the United States, about 13% of the population consumes a small cup of coffee each day using the capsule. In Europe today more capsule coffee machines are sold than traditional ones, for ground coffee.

Every day in the world, on average, more than two billion cups of coffee are drunk and even the man who invented the K-Cup capsules has asked that they be discontinued, moving away from “feeling the guilt” for their environmental impact. Some companies in the sector have environmental sustainability programs and the Keurig company, which dominates much of the market, has committed to making all its capsules recyclable by 2020, while we fill the planet with plastic, colorants and aluminum.

The old-fashioned Italian coffee maker or the French pressure one, for me they are much more sexy, healthy and tasty, but I doubt that I will get George Clooney to make a propaganda, putting the coffee maker on the stove. Go green and worry about the environment which is much more elegant than these machines, don't you think?


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