This is the world's first revolving and ecological skyscraper

This is the world's first revolving and ecological skyscraper

Each of the floors of these moving buildings will rotate at the speed that the tenants choose and will rotate independently with respect to the other floors, so the building will constantly change shape.

The price of a square meter in an apartment on the upper floors of the future skyscraper could be as high as $ 30,000.

An ‘ecological’ skyscraper

One of the most common criticisms against skyscrapers is their high energy consumption and in this type of buildings, which are also mobile, this issue is especially sensitive. Fischer, who maintains that with this technique there is no height limit, assures that he has managed to make the building generate its own energy; in fact, according to his study, the Dynamic Tower will be the first energy-self-sufficient building in history. “There will be wind turbines with silent carbon fiber propellers that collect the wind and convert it into energy for the building's own consumption. The energy required for rotation is minimal and the extra power from the generators will be used.

In addition, it will have photovoltaic panels - whose surface will be equivalent to 10 buildings and which will have excellent exposure to light thanks to rotating technology - that will obtain energy from the sun. And the excess and not used for the needs of the building will be sold to neighboring buildings.

Ficher also considers the materials used for the interiors and the construction method green. The architect uses natural materials such as ceramics, glass, wood, and marble. Regarding the construction technique, it is based on prefabricated pieces that are joined to each other in a mechanical way, a technique with which the discharge of materials in situ or the generation of waste, noise or pollution is avoided.

In addition, according to the architect's figures, the construction time will be reduced by 30%. In the manufacture of these skyscrapers, prefabricated pieces of steel, aluminum or carbon fiber made in Altamura (Italy) are used, which arrive ready to be installed quickly and efficiently, thus managing to complete a height in just one week. with what achieves that the construction times are reduced considerably.

Likewise, the interiors -ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens, lighting and furniture- also arrive prefabricated to the taste of each client.

New York will be the next place where his project for the “Dynamic Tower” will materialize, the first rotating skyscraper and energy self-sufficiency, an idea that has already been launched in Dubai and Moscow.

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