Health benefits of grape seeds

Health benefits of grape seeds

Here are some of the reasons why if you are one of those who does not eat grape seeds, you have to start doing it.

These are rich in healthy fatty acids, amino acids and flavonoids in addition to other essential nutrients for the body.

The best way to consume them is to do it directly when we eat grapes, but they can also be found alone in naturalist stores and added to different preparations such as smoothies or shakes.

Which are your main benefits?

They are antioxidants: The small seeds of the grape are great antioxidants thanks to their flavonoids such as gallic acid and epicateins, compounds that are twenty times more beneficial than vitamin E and fifty times more beneficial than vitamin C, two great natural antioxidants. Its consumption thus helps to combat free radicals that damage cells, protect the body against degenerative diseases and premature aging. They are especially good for good skin health, treating problems like acne and rosacea.

They protect the heart: Its consumption favors blood circulation, favors the capital vessels, arteries and veins, which protects the heart against cardiovascular complications, avoiding hardening of the arteries and the appearance of thrombi that can complicate our health.

They strengthen the immune system: Its antioxidant power protects the body against viruses, infections and other complications, strengthening the defenses and strengthening the immune system, preventing the appearance of flu, colds and other diseases.

Detoxifying power: They are rich in fiber that promotes digestive processes, intestinal transit and the detoxification of the intestines. They are good for treating and preventing constipation and removing toxins and wastes from the body.

They promote weight loss: By detoxifying the body, they in turn help to lose weight as they eliminate accumulated toxins. In addition, being rich in fiber, they provide a satiating effect that helps you spend more time without being hungry and avoid overeating. In turn, they contain fat metabolizing enzymes that promote the elimination of excess fat in internal organs such as the liver and heart in a natural way.

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