The 10 most deforested countries in the world

The 10 most deforested countries in the world

With unstoppable development, production and population growth, the demand for natural resources continues to grow. Despite efforts to replant trees and reforest, some countries are experiencing the effects of high deforestation. Many people are not aware of how trees are useful for our environment and our security. Tree roots help to fix the soil, prevent erosion and landslides, as well as help absorb water and reduce flood risks.

They are also the largest source of clean air and oxygen. Trees help filter the air and generate the greatest amount of oxygen that is essential for life. Countries with fewer trees have a more polluted environment. The countries mentioned here are classified based on the amount of deforestation that has occurred in the last 5 years. While other countries have taken steps to preserve and maintain their forests, others seem to continue and even increase the rate of deforestation with each year.

10. Laos

Deforestation rate: 5.3% Laos has very rich and diverse forest areas. A large number of trees are felled for their variety and quality. In addition to wood, the forests are looking for medicinal and cosmetic products. Logging in Laos has been constant and growing since 1980.

9. Portugal

Deforestation rate: 5.6% Many researchers have used Portugal as an example to point out the negative effects of deforestation. This is due to the fact that in recent years this country has experienced a high rate of deforestation; Experts believe that if it continues for decades to come, the nation will suffer the effects of climate change and could potentially lose a large amount of its food and water supply.

8. Sweden

Deforestation rate: 6.2% Recent environmental reports have shown that European countries experience serious environmental health problems. One of the main criteria used for this investigation is the presence of trees in a period of more than a decade. Sweden showed a very significant decrease in this time period.

7. Finland

Deforestation rate: 6.4% Finland is famous for having some of the most beautiful natural sights in the world. The country has made efforts a few years ago to protect its forest and prevent deforestation. Despite this, there are still some regions of the country that are not protected and are left at the mercy of loggers.

6. Nicaragua

Deforestation rate: 6.9% The largest country in Central America has experienced a series of ecological and environmental problems, which the government does not combat with effective measures, so this nation is facing increased pollution and water scarcity in not too distant dates.

5. Cambodia

Deforestation rate: 7.1% Deforestation in Cambodia began during the 1970s after the Vietnam War. Post-conflict events created great demand for trees and their products, and the country has thus been left with almost no natural forests.

4. Guatemala

Deforestation rate: 8.2% The high rate of deforestation in Guatemala has caused devastating calamities, as there are very few trees left to protect people from heavy rains. There have even been incidents where the rain has created large puddles of mud, a very dangerous and treacherous site where many people have drowned.

3. Indonesia

Deforestation rate: 8.4% In the last decades the forested areas of this country showed a great reduction in and most of the land that was previously part of a jungle, today it is a barren wasteland. The worst thing is that there does not appear to be any sign pointing to a slowdown in deforestation.

2. Paraguay

Deforestation rate: 9.6% Paraguay has one of the most diverse and unexplored forests in the world, with a very rich biodiversity and logging threatens to end it. The Chaco the second lung of America, after the Amazon.

1. Malaysia

Deforestation rate: 14.4% Since Malaysia became independent from the British, the country has based its financial stability on timber, as they had numerous lush forests to cut down all kinds of trees. Due to this, the demand was high and production continued, in fact it does so until now, although less and less remains to be cut down and deforested.


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