Passive and eco-friendly amplifiers for iPhone

Passive and eco-friendly amplifiers for iPhone

In this selection I have chosen not only those that are passive –which do not need additional energy to function– but are also made with natural and ecological materials –cardboard, wood and ceramic–, that do not represent an affront to the environment such as plastics and some metals.

Some are perfect for home, and others are intended to be used outside of it, although please do not use them while traveling on the bus or subway, or you are on a crowded beach.

Megaphone, the king of passive amplifiers

As if it were a Viking cornet, Megaphone is without a doubt the king of passive amplifiers. Made of ceramic and resting on a wooden stand, this beauty will not only be able to significantly increase the sound of our iPhone, but also attract the spellbound glances of all visitors.

Its price, as might be feared, is exorbitant: -chorro hundred- 399 euros, something that does not justify even that behind its creation is the exclusive Italian designer couple en & is, although there is a buyer for all luxury.

Eco-Amp, effective, foldable and economical

At the opposite extreme we find Eco-Amp, a foldable and inexpensive iPhone sound amplifier, but which promises to significantly increase the sound of our smartphone. Its design reminds us of that of the old record players, and it is made of recycled cardboard: more ecological than possible.

Its price is 6.30 euros, although with a little ingenuity you can appropriate the idea and make one yourself at home, tailored to your phone if you do not have the Apple one, which is what it is designed for.

IBamboo, nature to power

iBamboo is another speaker for the iPhone that combines ingenuity, simplicity and ecology. A piece of carefully carved bamboo is in charge of serving as the basis and amplifying the sound of our music. Precious no?

Its retail price is about 22 euros to change, something more than eco-amp, but still within reason, although its design may not fit well in all homes.

Koostik, more wood, more volume

Of all the eco-friendly amps for the iPhone, this is my favorite. Its appearance is very similar to that of any dock, only that where we should find the speakers, there are only two holes, through which the amplified sound comes out.

The guys from Koostik promise that it increases the volume between two and four times, as it seems to be in the video that accompanies their product - as long as the sound is not manipulated, of course - and they also offer a mini version that has me in love.

Both are made by hand in the United States with sustainable woods and a very attractive design, although with simple lines. Its price is 70 to change for the large model and 55 euros for the youngest.

I hope you liked this selection of passive and ecological amplifiers for the iPhone. Perhaps their prices are a bit dissuasive, but it is not cheap to get a dock with speakers that combines design and sound quality - although their sound should not be excessively good either.

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