Electromagnetic pollution: the invisible danger

Electromagnetic pollution: the invisible danger

By Pedro Burruezo

The matter is serious, very serious. Researching on this topic, I have come across a lot of institutional texts that question the safety of, for example, having Wi-Fi in your home or at your children's school. Or living near a mobile phone station. Or having the cell phone on, on the nightstand, until you wake up. On the other hand, no less scientific studies provide very significant evidence of the damage that is occurring to people's health due to irresponsible exposure to all types of electromagnetic waves for which evolution did not design us. Babies are the most vulnerable, because they have a very thin cranial layer and a still developing immune system. Meanwhile, the big industry looks the other way, denies the evidence, pays for falsified studies and calls those who provide rigorous evidence "crazy and enlightened".

The evidence of the harmfulness of this electromagnetic invasion is already beginning to be noticed. For example, more and more people are suffering from electrohypersensitivity. One of them is Minerva Palomar, one of the first affected in our country. In an interview with this special issue, Minerva explains how it all started and how this new pathology changed her life. The magazine not only warns about the consequences of exposure to antennas of all kinds, Wi-Fi, mobile phones ... but also informs us about possible solutions.

Of course, as it has become the norm of the house, The Ecologist does not dislike calling things by their name ... In this sense, we highlight that Dr. José Luis Bardasano points out that “epidemiological studies correlate exposure to CEM and the incidence of cancer ”. Other experts, in the same issue, say the same thing. The weight of the evidence is very great. How is it possible that the mass media does not talk about these things? Meanwhile, hours and hours on TV are dedicated to talking about topics and stories that make one feel ashamed.

But let's close the matter. What if this new electromagnetic warp was preparing the ground for the machines that will replace us when artificial intelligence manages to begin to dispense with our tutelage? Wouldn't these invisible networks be the communicative fabric of machines and robots that will need to move independently when our presence on Earth begins to be even more vulnerable than it is today? Also several columnists of The Ecologist echo some thinkers who are already beginning to talk about it, including Stephen Hawking himself, very little suspicious of Luddite, by the way.

In short, the controversy is served. Inform yourself of this. It is more serious than it seems. Then don't say that no one told you.

The Ecologist

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