Something is ‘cooking’ in Galicia to abolish bullfighting

Something is ‘cooking’ in Galicia to abolish bullfighting

The Galicia platform, Mellor Sen Touradas has appealed to a possible "political front" that, in his opinion, could materialize with the inclusion by political parties and coalitions of "a point in common" in their electoral programs with a view to the regional elections.

In a statement, the abolitionists have indicated the "need" for the different municipal tides, the BNG, Anova, Podemos, Esquerda Unida, Equo, Compromiso por Galicia and PSdeG, "among other formations", take the initiative to "add a the same paragraph for all in their respective sections of Environment and Animal Welfare ".

Specifically, the paragraph would be the following: "Commitment to promote or support a legislative project that abolishes bullfights and any other bullfighting event in the Animal Protection Law of Galicia."

In this sense, said platform, made up of more than thirty groups and entities of all kinds, has underlined the "scant citizen support" that bullfights reap. In fact, as proof of this, he has indicated that "only in Pontevedra is a bullfighting fair guaranteed".

Immediately afterwards, the abolitionists have emphasized that "the collapse of bullfighting in Galicia is also reflected in the sociological studies of the Ministry of Culture." In this regard, they have specified that, if in 2002 2.9 percent of the population acknowledged having attended a bullfighting celebration, in 2014 this percentage fell to 0.3 percent: "The historical minimum of the community", animalists have added.


"It is the right social and political moment to propose a parliamentary initiative, after the electoral call, that faithfully reflects the opposition of Galician women and men to a public spectacle in which an animal is martyred, tortured and killed as a supposed form of culture "have explained the abolitionists.

Another of the "strengths" of the animalists is "the growing international support" for the campaign to end bullfighting in Galicia.

The political initiative would also include, as the abolitionists have specified, the so-called ‘Festa do Boi’, "a kind of confinement with ensogado oxen" that takes place in the town of Allariz in Ourense.


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