VW doesn't define the future of its polluting cars in the US.

VW doesn't define the future of its polluting cars in the US.

By José Carlos Díaz Zanelli

And it is that the California court where the trial is carried out in which Volkswagen must define how it will solve the defect that hides the information of its vehicles, has extended the deadline that the German company had to file for up to one more month an alternative.

Already in January, Volkswagen had presented a proposal that was not accepted by the court or by the California environmental protection agency. The alternative that it will present within a maximum period of one month will be the definitive one, if not achieved, the German company could face an economic sanction of up to 46 billion dollars.

Stopped sales and repair

At the moment, the sale of vehicles of the Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche brands, all belonging to the same German company, have been suspended. It is estimated that there are currently 580,000 cars circulating in the United States whose polluting emission rates are 40 times higher than what is allowed by law.

Among the repairs to which the German company has committed, is that of an environmental damage repair fund. As well as a plan to buy the polluting vehicles that are in circulation.

Fact: In Europe, Volkswagen has already reached an agreement to start the repair process for its altered vehicles.


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