DiCaprio concerned with candidates denying climate change

DiCaprio concerned with candidates denying climate change

During a visit to Tokyo, the renowned actor said that he will raise awareness on the subject with a documentary, which has in its production team Fisher Stevens, producer of The Cove, winner of the Oscar for best documentary in 2010 and that deals with the dolphin fishing in the Japanese town of Taiji.

"We have traveled around the world to document ourselves on climate change," DiCaprio said at a press conference in the Japanese capital.

Regarding the US elections, which will take place in November, DiCaprio said, without citing names, that some candidates do not take the issue of climate change seriously.

"We shouldn't see a candidate who doesn't believe in modern science lead our country," he said. "Climate change is one of the most disturbing issues facing humanity, and the United States must play its role," he added, according to a note from the AFP news agency.

It should be noted that Republican candidate Donald Trump - questioned among other things for his manifest xenophobia - declared last year not to believe in climate change, while his rival in the Republican primaries Ted Cruz describes it as a "pseudo-scientific theory."

Trump even described as "silly" the statements made by President Barack Obama on the urgency of combating the causes of climate change.

Days before visiting Tokyo, the 42-year-old actor was in China. There he welcomed the country's effort to venture into alternative energies, according to some agencies.

Leonardo DiCaprio is the United Nations Messenger of Peace; In 1998 he created a foundation that bears his name, and which executes 78 projects on climate change, the protection of biodiversity, as well as the conservation of the oceans and wild spaces.

In 2007 he produced and presented the documentary La Hora 11, which draws attention to precisely climate change and its human causes.

DiCaprio's work is recognized in various latitudes. Just a few weeks ago, the actor drew the attention of the Peruvian government for his questionable performance in the face of the oil spills reported in the northern jungle of this country.


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