About 600 men live as "The Revenant" in the mountains of the USA.

About 600 men live as

Around 600 men live the life of "The Revenant", the film by Alejandro González Iñárritu starring Leonardo Di Caprio, in the mountains of the USA, where they spend seasons with the only company of a nature that provides them with food and supplies. coat.

They are full members of the association The American Mountain Men (AMM), created in 1968 and dedicated to the study and preservation of the lifestyle of the pioneers or "frontierman" who survived in the mountains of the country in the nineteenth century already often in the most adverse circumstances.

Although there are thousands of "friends" of the association who receive the magazine "The Tomahawk & Long Rifle" on time, only several hundred meet the necessary requirements to be full members.


The applicants take about two years on average to pass a score of tests that include hunting and fishing techniques, skills to light fire in any circumstance, as well as the handling of weapons typical of the time, explained the head of registry of the association, Daniel Cripps.

They must also be able to turn animal skin into coat and learn about the species that surround them, as well as endure long horseback rides or canoeing, he said.

Paradoxically, the test that most "resists" candidates is less physical than one might expect. Cripps says that the study written on the life of the pioneers that they must carry out as an "end of course" work is the worst nightmare of the rude men who want to be part of this brotherhood.

For Cripps, in line with what the captain of the WMA national council, Jim Hannon says, the best thing about living in communion with nature in the style of two centuries ago is “feeling part of the middle”.

Feeling "Nature":

“Get up and take a bath in the river. Eat what is gathered or fished and feel in union with nature. It cannot be compared to anything, ”Hannon, 35, has been linked to the brotherhood since he was 18, to Efe.

The captain explained that with the association code in hand, women cannot be members, although many participate in specific activities and some wives of members have formed the Fair Trade group.

In the code of the American Mountain Men, objectives such as "take from nature only what is necessary", "be independent and only ask others for help as a last resort", "when you arrive at a place warn if there are other presences and announce the mine "or" in a situation of struggle for survival, being willing to share food and water with others. "

One of the five men who founded the American Mountain Men, Walt Hayward, laments, in the brief history on the organization's website, that the mountain men are "forgotten pioneers of American history."

Trappers or frontierman: "The Revenant"

One of those trappers or "frontierman" was Hugh Glass, whom Di Caprio has given life to in the cinema in "The Revenant."

Glass went down in history for his exploits in the American West in the first third of the 19th century, including a legendary journey where he was wounded by a grizzly bear.

Asked about their vision of the loyalty to life of these men in the film, both Cripps and Hannon praise the film's setting and a photograph as beautiful as nature itself, but note that the film is not rigorous when it comes to telling the story. History of Glass.

"Of course there is a lot of Hollywood in 'The Revenant.' They did not kill a son that he had with a Native American or later killed his enemy and also it was not so cold on his mythical trip because it was not winter but summer, ”said Cripps.

The film that reported Di Caprio and González Iñárritu both Óscar has managed to increase interest in the association and its activities, said Cripps, who said that it will be with the arrival of summer when conclusions can be drawn about the real impact of "The Revenant ”In the extension of the association.

They also wanted to remember that it is not the first time that these stories have been taken to the cinema. Charlton Heston and Brian Keith have already starred in "The Mountain Men," and John Huston and Richard Harris have already made Glass's adventures in "Man in the Wilderness."

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