Córdoba will have sustainable social housing

Córdoba will have sustainable social housing

As reported by the Municipal Housing Institute, within two weeks they will begin to build two houses as a pilot test for this year with the aim that the rest of the buildings in the Los Olmos neighborhood are sustainable.

The houses will use rainwater, solar energy, will have orchards and will propose the conscious use of natural resources and their maximum use that will allow, for example, energy savings of up to 80 percent.

The main characteristics of this sustainable neighborhood will be the collection of rainwater, ventilation and cross lighting, north orientation, vertical garden, thermal insulation and solar hot water tank.

In addition, it will work with the families that will inhabit the houses so that they understand the keys to sustainability and that they can apply them from the moment it becomes their home.

This initiative was worked together with the National University of Villa María where professionals dedicated their time to designing the best way to take advantage of natural resources and quality of life.

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