See how they intervened on the Monsanto website

See how they intervened on the Monsanto website

Nature of Rights is an NGO that promotes and disseminates the consequences that pesticides have on our environment, in addition to alerting about different issues that have to do with ecology and the right to healthy food and a life free of garbage and chemical agents . They investigate the maneuvers of companies like Monsanto and carry out an environmental survey in the province of Buenos Aires, targeting garbage dumps, drinking water and fumigated schools.

The NGO is established as an environmental observatory that exercises its interest in all those causes that contemplate damage to nature, placing special emphasis on the fight against pesticides. In this sense, they disseminate a protocol manual for fumigated rural schools, what to do in an emergency and how to act in case of being fumigated in an isolated rural area. They also promote an action called "Garbage Cazaradores", where they encourage the population to fill out an online form to survey this garbage dump and then file a complaint with the corresponding authority.

A few days ago, in one of its multiple campaigns, the Monsanto web site was intervened, supplanting the multinational's contents with information about its real businesses and real maneuvers against world health and especially Argentina. We leave you the link with the intervened page:

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