They design a new model of three-wheeled bicycle with electric accumulator and motion sensor

They design a new model of three-wheeled bicycle with electric accumulator and motion sensor

The transmission systems in today's bicycles, as in all types of human-powered vehicles, are used to transmit power by drivers to the driving wheels. This system has a series of drawbacks, among which the unhooking of the chain stands out when it goes from one sprocket to another.

However, the new protected model has a system based on increased power inspired by the operation of the aforementioned American racing vehicles, with a system based on a toothed belt and stepped pulleys that provide greater reliability in the process.

Its advantages include its easy handling by people with reduced mobility or cardiac deficiencies.

It also has a built-in LiPo generator (lithium polymer battery) that is self-charged thanks to the motor movement. "I have placed this electric accumulator in order to avoid charging batteries of lower effectiveness and efficiency", explains the researcher.

Another of its characteristics is a movement generator arranged on the pedal axis that is activated from the handlebar and that helps advance while pedaling thanks to a sensor located on the bicycle frame. To these advantages must be added the fact that it is a less bulky and heavy vehicle than other conventional bicycles and that it is very easy to handle even for people who do not know how to ride a bike.

In search of a prototype

Emilio Ramírez assures that "the physical and mechanical characteristics of this new bicycle model help people with reduced mobility or cardiac deficiencies to be able to use them easily, allowing them to exercise safely" and adds that although they have not yet been has manufactured a physical prototype “its realization is not complicated: once you have a suitable frame in a horizontal position, you just have to insert the necessary wiring to activate the front and rear brakes, the controls to change gears and activate the generator of movement if necessary ”.

Thus, companies interested in negotiating the industrial exploitation of this patented utility model should contact the Secretariat for Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship, the unit in charge of advising and managing the protection of inventions developed at the University of Seville.

Photo: Gragster cars in the USA, an inventor in Seville Spain based his invention on these vehicles. (Getty Images / Creative)

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