They create a label for clothes that are manufactured free of child exploitation

They create a label for clothes that are manufactured free of child exploitation

According to the International Labor Organization, which defines child labor as "work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity", approximately 168 million children are trapped mentally, physically, socially, in morally dangerous occupations that place endangering their well-being. A group of educators in New Zealand wants to change this.

Working together with UNICEF and Saatchi & Saatchi, Child Labor Free aims to exercise consumer power to create a world where “children are free to be children”.

For this they have created a label that will identify the brands and garments that are free of child exploitation.

To obtain this certificate, brands must provide the necessary information for evaluation by the Ernst & Young auditor. The report will then be evaluated, which may include recommendations for on-site inspections if deemed necessary.

Michelle Pratt, is the CEO and founder of Child Labor Free: "We believe that 'Child Labor Free' should become a globally recognized standard."

The group is working on preparing for the launch during New Zealand Fashion Week in late August. They already have several important firms attached to the cause.

Child Labor Free will start with clothing but plans in the future to include furniture, toys, cleaning products, skin care and other consumables in this labeling.

"What we really want to highlight is that this is a positive movement for change," said Pratt.


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