Argentina The Bad Seeds

Argentina The Bad Seeds

The consequences for public health of the Argentine soy bubble are the object of study. In this documentary we can see the dark side of economic growth in Argentina, at that time the largest exporter of soy products in the world. This allowed it to be the nation with the highest growth rate in South America, but the price of this economic bubble has been very high.

The impulse that Argentine soybeans had in the economic market generated a great impact on the lives of all the inhabitants of the country, because the demand for this product brought with it a number of consequences that some still do not understand its origin and others on the contrary they are using it to their advantage.

The documentary “Argentina The Bad Seeds”, titled in Spanish as Argentina Las Malas Semillas, was shot in 2013. Directed by Glenn Ellis and Guido Bilbao, also screenwriters, it lasts 25 minutes and was produced in Argentina.

The film shows how genetic engineering has affected the country because pesticides and fertilizers are damaging the health of people who live and eat transgenic products, such as soybeans.

The main ingredient, hormone or genetic complement, is the main cause of serious diseases, cancer and even deformities in newborn babies.

The number of children affected in recent years has increased due to the consumption of glyphosate. The documentary investigates, gathers data and evidence on this trend that is affecting and destroying the lives of thousands of people.

Soybean fields are flooded with pesticides that are damaging the plant, so its fruit is not suitable for human consumption and is still sold in establishments and consumed daily.

The constant consumption of these foods brings great diseases, medical complications such as abortions and sterility, which not only affect you immediately but will also affect the next generations.

Furthermore, the increase in soybean plantations is creating a very large influence on the market.

Video: Nick Cave u0026 The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street - Live in Copenhagen (September 2021).