54 earthquakes of medium and strong magnitude in the world during 24 hours

54 earthquakes of medium and strong magnitude in the world during 24 hours

Japan has been the country most hit by strong earthquakes, originating since April 14, in which the first earthquake with an intensity of 6.2 ° was generated in Ueki, causing havoc, and the death of several people, three hours later. another 6th in Uto followed. This earthquake has been followed by many aftershocks, but in the subsequent 24 hours, there have been 25 aftershocks that exceed 4 °. Of these, 7 were higher than 5 ° while one exceeded 7 °.

Vanuatu has felt the movement of three earthquakes, the first of 4.8 °, followed by another of 5.3 ° while the last was registered on April 16 at 00:16 with an epicenter in Port-Olry and with a magnitude of 4.9 ° in the Richter scale. This as part of the aftershocks of the earthquake of last April 14 with a magnitude of 6.4 °.

The region of Lerapetra Grecia, was another area in the world hit during these 24 hours with an earthquake of magnitude 5, with no victims or material damage, as reported by local authorities.

At 06:25 UTC on April 16, the Diego de Almagro region in Chile was shaken by a 5.4 ° earthquake, in the same way there is no record of material damage.

Several hundred kilometers off the coast of Chile, a 5.4 ° earthquake was recorded, this movement had its epicenter at a depth of 10 km in the Easter Island region, without generating a Tsunami Alert.

Earthquakes with a scale greater than 4 ° have been recorded in other parts of the world: Philippines 4.7 °, Taiwan 4.9 °, Indonesia 4.7 °, Papua New Guinea 4.6 °, Uzbekistan 4.8 °, Afghanistan 4.6 °, Russia 4.7 °

There is also the disaster that occurred on April 16 in Ecuador, in the coastal area, at 18:58 local time (23:58 GMT), by an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 °, which at the moment leaves more than 400 dead.

At least 20 earthquakes less than 3 ° Richter have been recorded in other regions of the planet.


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