Environmental education, necessary for responsible care of the planet

Environmental education, necessary for responsible care of the planet

At a press conference, on the occasion of the commemoration of International Earth Day, they highlighted that a good part of the forested areas of the world have been destroyed, which not only implies an important process of environmental deterioration, but also an economic one.

And it is that biological diversity, in addition to generating food resources, affects aspects such as water and air quality, as well as the loss of species.

Elizabeth Solleiro Rebolledo, a member of the postgraduate program in Earth Sciences, highlighted the importance of caring for the soil, because agriculture has always been the basis for the advancement of peoples, "so that if we conserve natural resources we will have the base of our development in the future ”.

However, in recent years resources have been destroyed and in many cases we do not know the functions of the earth for life on the planet, for example, trees not only provide oxygen, they also absorb polluting gases and give food.

Therefore, he stressed, proposals such as restoring ridges in Mexico City "can be useful if they are made with the purpose of providing green areas to the city and giving it a lung.

In his opportunity, Alfonso Valiente, a researcher at the Institute of Ecology, mentioned that Mexico has almost 60 percent of the pines and about 30 percent of oaks worldwide. The problem is that many of the forests of these species suffer significant logging.

This wood extraction process affects or eliminates other species, whose function is vital for processes such as pollination, or the subsistence of bacteria and fungi, responsible for all biogeochemical cycles in the world; For this reason, he urged to understand that if you end these organisms, you will also end life, he warned.

In turn, Dante Morán Zenteno, a researcher at the Institute of Geology, said that commemorating International Earth Day is a reminder that the planet is sensitive and can be destabilized, especially the biosphere and soil, from processes that they happen slowly.

Although it was a few years ago when specialists began to speak of environmental problems as something global, today it is urgent that the world work in coordination on solutions, he emphasized.

At present, he highlighted, some researchers are looking to compare CO2 emissions from 450 million years ago with current ones to know at what rates it accumulated in the past and at what rate we accumulate it in the present.

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