The whispers of nature

The whispers of nature

Here is a list of more than reasonable similarities between foods and organs, as well as the role they play on our body:

1. The carrot and the eye

Carrot is a very important food for our health, but it is especially important for our vision, given its high content of beta-carotene and, therefore, vitamin A.

These nutrients are especially necessary for good visual health; To get an idea, if our body did not have vitamin A we could even suffer from night blindness. It also helps prevent cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

So, if we cut the carrot in half across the width, we see how the drawing that is formed reminds us of the silhouette of a human eye. We can see how the irradiations and lines resemble the pupil and the iris.

You can eat the carrot as you like since, although cooked it acquires a sweeter flavor, it does not lose its antioxidant properties on the visual system.

2. Strawberries and teeth

The tooth profile and the inside of a bur are very similar. Thus, strawberries, in addition to being a powerful natural teeth whitening agent, promote strong and healthy teeth, also promoting the health of our gums and oral cavity.

3. Ginger and the stomach

Oriental medicine has used ginger for centuries to calm stomach ailments. Thus, if we look closely we can see how this food imitates the shapes that our stomach acquires.

4. The tomato and the heart

If we observe the cut of a tomato in half we can see that it has different cavities that house its seeds. This distribution is strikingly similar to that of the heart.

Thus, tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a plant pigment that protects the heart, reducing the risk of heart disease and counteracting the effect of healthy cholesterol.

5. Beans and the kidney

The beans have great cleansing properties on the kidney and also their physical resemblance is more than evident. They are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine to improve and strengthen kidney function.

6. The orange and the mammary glands

Oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits or grapefruits resemble human breasts in an extraordinary and peculiar way. Thus, properties such as the natural lymphatic drainage of the mammary glands or the inhibition of the development of cancer cells in the breasts are assumed.

7. Figs and sexual organs

Figs increase libido and increase fertility in both sexes. In addition, this fruit contains large amounts of vitamin B6, which is responsible for secreting serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

8. Walnuts and the brain

The walnut is said to be the ideal dried fruit for the brain due to its high content of omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids. The surprising thing is that the folds, wrinkles and even the shape of the shell are identical to our distribution cerebral.

The truth is that walnuts enhance the development of neurotransmitter substances and help maintain a chemical balance in our brain. There are studies that support that consuming walnuts in a regular and moderate way helps fight diseases such as depression or dementia.

9. The avocado and the uterus

As we can see, the shape of the avocado is similar to that of the female uterus. Regarding its beneficial contributions we have several curious facts: avocado contains a lot of folic acid, a substance that promotes pregnancy.

In addition, this same nutrient helps to reduce the possibility of developing cervical dysplasia, a precancerous phase disease. Another curious fact is that avocado takes 9 months from flowering to ripening, the same time that the baby remains in the womb.

10. Celery and bones

Celery, which looks like bone, curiously has a direct influence on our bone strength. The radius and ulna of our arm are like the long, thin stalks of celery.

This food concentrates large amounts of silicon, essential for providing strength to the bone structure. In addition, its high content of calcium, another necessary element for our bones. Their uncanny resemblance reaches such a point that both bones and celery are made up of 23% sodium.

11. Bananas and hands

It is well known that banana or bananas are high in potassium, necessary to maintain good joints and thus avoid muscle and joint degeneration.

Nature is immensely wonderful; she sends her messages to us through the language of similarity, a language that we all understand. Thus, it is essential to learn to observe it because the truth is that, by getting closer to it, we get closer to ourselves.

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