The City Government chose Coca Cola and Monsanto for the “My healthy school” program

The City Government chose Coca Cola and Monsanto for the “My healthy school” program

The "My healthy school" program seeks to "promote healthy habits to prevent and reduce the progression of overweight / obesity and improve the quality of life of the entire educational community." However, it was a parent from a school in Boedo who noticed that the companies participating in the City's project are controversial and made the information viral.

The Buenos Aires Program is carried out by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and third sector organizations, coordinated by the General Directorate of Healthy Development of the City Government and ILSI-Argentina (International Institute of Life Sciences).

On the project website it can be seen that the “members” are companies such as Monsanto Argentina S.A.I.C., Basf Argentina S.A., Bayer S.A., Chacra Experimental Agrícola Santa Rosa, Coca-Cola de Argentina, Danone Argentina S.A. Danone Nutricia ELN, Dow AgroSciences Argentina S.A., DSM Nutritional Products Argentina S.A. , Mondelez International, Kromberg Fine Chemicals S.R.L., Publitec S.A. Editora, Syngenta Agro S.A., Unilever de Argentina S.A, among others.

So far, the Buenos Aires Deputy of the PTS-FIT, Patricio del Corro, came to the crossroads of these controversial members and proposed "that the City Government involve these large multinationals to 'improve' the eating habits of children and prevent diseases as obesity seems like a joke, but it is very serious. Monsanto is a serial poisoner, denounced throughout the world, to this is added Coca Cola, which is one of the main responsible for obesity worldwide that uses transgenic corn syrup syrup. It is difficult to think a greater nonsense, but incredibly Larreta wants to leave the health of our boys and girls in these hands.

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