The scandal of food waste and throwing food away for business

The scandal of food waste and throwing food away for business

This social problem has become an evil that runs throughout the world, where there are companies that have turned food recycling into a business but beyond being an advantage for them, it is a practice that attacks the ecosystem of our planet Earth. Up to a third of the food produced ends up in the garbage.

What is the food waste scandal about?

From fruits, vegetables and meat that do not comply with the health regulations established to ensure that their sale is carried out, to the small residues of food that remain in our homes, all these wastes are not treated in the correct way, for what collective ignorance has made sure that everything that does not work goes to waste. But garbage just moves around and is not really eliminated but deposited anywhere on the planet creating more pollution.

This production "The Food Waste Scandal" was directed by Marie Pierre Raimbault, who was also in charge of the script. From the streets where people look for what to eat among the garbage, this documentary was shot in France, with its original name Le Scandale du gaspillage alimentaire, it lasts 50 minutes and was released in 2012.

It broadly and specifically exposes, with official data, the tons of food that is thrown away every day, which, at first, is considered garbage and is not even touched. Therefore, this documentary promotes the formation and conscious use of food consumption and generating garbage so that we can reduce the impact that the consequences of these unintended actions bring.


Video: The worlds food waste problem (September 2021).