Advances the global Campaign to get rid of fossil fuels, ¨Libérate¨

Advances the global Campaign to get rid of fossil fuels, ¨Libérate¨

If you've missed something, this is what has happened so far in just the first 6 days of Free yourself:

It started in Wales, where more than 300 people managed to shut down the UK's largest open pit coal mine for a whole day.

Hours later, 10,000 people from all over the Philippines gathered in Batangas City to demand an end to coal.

In New Zealand, hundreds of people held ANZ - one of the country's largest banks - accountable for its role in financing and profiting from climate change.

In Australia, hundreds of people were able to stop the activity of the world's largest coal port using kayaks, canoes and homemade rafts.

So many things, and it's not over yet. There are many more forceful actions planned between now and May 15.

Last week, as each action unfolded, people from all over the world expressed their solidarity through the project Free yourself, Digital Witness, which provides support and amplifies the actions of activists in real time as they go out to take action. streets (or the coal mine, or the sea, or anywhere else). You can still become a Digital Witness for the next few actions - click here to join, I know there are people on the ground who would really appreciate it.

You can see all the amazing photos from the past week and follow the remaining actions as they happen at

The next few days are also going to be incredible, in large part because these actions, all together, lay the foundations for the just transition to 100% renewable energy that this overheated planet needs.

Get Rid of Fossil Fuels is an initiative of the climate movement to eliminate the most dangerous fossil fuel exploitation projects and support the most ambitious climate solutions. Click here for an up-to-date list of our partners in the Get Free from Fossil Fuels organization.

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