Another 15 animals died in the Mendoza zoo and they ask for the closure

Another 15 animals died in the Mendoza zoo and they ask for the closure

"We do not want to lose more animals for avoidable reasons, that is why we are working to make Ecoparque a reality in Mendoza," said Eduardo Sosa, Chief of Staff of the Environment Secretariat. By the summer, another 20 animals had already died.

The request of the environmental associations, with more than 450 thousand signatures, for the approval of the Ecoparque project entered the Mendoza Legislature.

The signatures were gathered through the Internet page "", an action organized by the Ecológicos Unidos group.

They are specimens of deer that were found in very bad condition. Pressure is growing from environmental groups to close the provincial zoo and transform it into an eco-park.

Other entities that endorse the petitions are Cullunche Foundation, Assembly for the Tree, Biota, Gaia Group, Oikos, United Ecologicals, Self-convened by the Ecopark, Vegan Defense, APCM and Veterinarians for the Ecopark, among others.

The 15 dead deer are "adult females with a rather deteriorated general condition, demonstrated by their body score," specifies the medical report of the head of veterinarians at the Zoo, Analía Pedroza.

The professional adds in her report that the deer present injuries product of "itch and lick" due to their reduced habitat, where the number of specimens and the mud accumulated in the last rainy days caused, according to the autopsies "generalized and coincident injuries", in mostly due to possible hypothermia.

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