Bouillon cubes: pieces of poison from famous brands

Bouillon cubes: pieces of poison from famous brands

The power of seasoning has been in the ears and mouth of many people who did not know what it was, bouillon tablets such as those sold in brands such as: Knorr Broth, Maggi, Distante, Ajinomoto, Kitano and other "foods Which improve the taste, contain monosodium glutamate.

The chemical component, which, far from being harmless to health, is responsible for causing the most diverse reactions when ingested: nausea, skin allergies, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, headache, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, and even depression.

Using industrialized spices every day can cause serious damage to those who consume them, since glutamate can cause the endocrine system to produce acetylcholine, a substance that, in addition to stimulating muscle function, reduces the absorption of glucose by neurons . The result can be more weight and even Alzheimer's disease. A very dangerous broth and at the same time quite unpleasant.

The famous "taste" of food clearly demonstrates the strength of chemistry, which is used in almost all dishes in this type of cuisine. Chicken, meat and vegetable broth pills are a health threat to everyone.

It blocks the neurological functions of the hypothalamus, which helps control appetite, glutamate leads us to eat more than we need and that only increases obesity.

Do you want a simple, cheap and tasty solution?

Freeze natural herbs and spices dipped in olive oil, coconut oil, or butter in ice cube trays. They can be used with the same functionality as the poisonous buckets that the chemical food industry induces us to buy through elaborate advertisements and that, in addition to being healthy, can have completely individual tastes and are even more expensive than buckets full of harmful chemicals. .

Wake up, we live in a lie

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