How to make a mini Tesla coil

How to make a mini Tesla coil

It is a very simple and entertaining project, especially for the smallest of the house, it can awaken in them an interest in science that they did not have before.

The materials needed to make a Tesla coil to scale are:

Base on which to install the components. A wooden board may be sufficient.

A 9V battery with a connector.

A transistor (2N2222A).

A 22k Ohm resistor.

A switch.

A PVC pipe.

Copper wire.

A little ball.


Scotch tape.

Cable to connect or solder everything.

The result can be tested with different bulbs and LEDs, which will light up in a variable way depending on their size, power ...

Here are the instructions:

What is a Tesla coil

A Tesla coil is a type of resonant transformer, whose inventor Nikola Tesla patented in 1891.

The Tesla coil is made up of a series of coupled resonant electrical circuits. Typically Tesla coils create electric shocks with a range of several meters.

This coil consists of a power supply, an electrical capacitor, a coil transformer, and a set of electrodes for the spark to jump through the air.

It is a device used in the most diverse applications, from a particle accelerator to televisions and toys.

The Tesla coil, as we have seen before, can be made from materials readily available in electronics stores or from recycled or reused materials.

Precautions when using the Tesla coil

Tesla coils produce dangerous levels of high frequency current and high voltages. These electrical shocks can cause severe external and internal skin burns, char the skin, generate involuntary muscle spasms, induce ventricular fibrillation, lead to pacemaker problems, and other problems.

Do not bring electronic devices near the coil. Do not connect the coil if you are not under the supervision of a teacher or an older person who knows the dangers of high voltages.


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