We present you the trailer for ‘Consumed’, a movie about transgenics on your table

We present you the trailer for ‘Consumed’, a movie about transgenics on your table

A film to reflect on. The movie “Consumed” was presented during the “Los Angeles Film Festival”. Zoe, its protagonist, commented that: “most people do not know the nature of what they eat or what they choose to feed their children. The best we can hope for is that after watching the film, people will notice this story and ask really important questions about what is happening right now with what we are putting in our mouths.

Wein directed the film in which his wife Zoe Lister-Jones plays the leading role of Sophie, they both worked together on the script and Zoe is also a producer on the film in which Danny Glover, Victor Garber, Anthony Edwards, Kunnal Nayyar and Taylor participated. Kinney.

Science fiction or reality? Sophie is a mother willing to do anything to find a cure for the mysterious illness that afflicts her son, when he begins to suffer from symptoms of a very strange disease (rashes and vomiting). She soon suspects that what is affecting her little one could be related to genetically modified foods.

When he begins to investigate the possible causes of the child's illness, he discovers with alarm that genetically modified foods are found on the shelves of all supermarkets and in the most diverse options.

From there, Sophie embarks on a desperate quest to help her son, while slowly immersing herself in the world of GMOs with its security issues, corporate dominance, and multiple scientific and ethical questions, so much so that Sophie becomes It seriously raises the level of safety of the food that its compatriots consume every day.

While searching for answers, Sophie finds that it is the food industry that is funding the research being done on GMOs, so it is understandable that no ill effects appear in the final conclusions of those studies.

The ubiquitous GMOs "There is an idea that GMOs or genetically modified foods can save the world, which I think is a great idea in theory and could be a noble undertaking, as we wholeheartedly believe in science", Wein argued.

And he added that: “the truth of the matter is that most of the genetically modified foods that are being grown, such as corn and soybeans, are actually used mainly for biofuels and livestock feed, so it is not credible that people are benefiting from this, on the other hand they can be harmful if they are ingested ”.

There have been many documentaries on the risks of GMO foods such as The Future of Food, GMOs, The World According to Monsanto, and Genetic Roulette, to name a few. But the complex and dark world of GMOs had not been the subject of a fictional film, until now.

The film's director Daryl Wein said that he was sure this was the right time for a fictional film about GMOs; "Because no one had ever made one," he said. “We felt it was important for people to be informed and opened their eyes about the history of GMOs and the risks of GMOs and the idea is that from the point of view of a film, the data and the actually be a little more understandable, without technicalities or puns. "

A Big, Realistic View "At first, we weren't quite sure where the story would go, but as we began to investigate, we realized that there were some very clear indicators," Wein explained. "We wanted to accommodate real-world characters, such as farmers, scientists, biotech companies, and people who eat processed foods."

Several famous actors play a key role in the film. Danny Glover is an organic crop farmer threatened by Clonestra, a biotech multinational. Victor Garber plays the CEO of the Clonestra company. Griffin Dunne is a retired scientist who is dedicated to reporting irregularities and Taylor Kinney is an employee who works at Clonestra and after meeting Sophie begins to doubt her company and its objectives.

The film manages to cover many of the controversies surrounding GMOs, including corporate greed and control over seeds, threats to organic farms, lack of transparency and intimidation of scientists who question the technology.

Wein says their goal was to inform as well as entertain. "We want to open our eyes to what is happening with GM foods and induce people to be concerned and informed about the issue of food," he said.

"Consumed" is already available on video on various platforms, such as Amazon and iTunes, as well as through the film's website and its main objective is to change the way ordinary people see food in general and GMOs in particular.