Justice suspended ¨My healthy school¨. It was promoted by Monsanto, CocaCola and other questioned multinationals

Justice suspended ¨My healthy school¨. It was promoted by Monsanto, CocaCola and other questioned multinationals

Judge Lisandro Fastman, from Court No. 14 ordered the suspension of the Buenos Aires government program called "My Healthy School", which sought to investigate and evaluate the nutrition of children in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The companies sponsoring this program were among others Monsanto, Coca Cola and Syngenta.

The pressure from parents, school cooperators and the dissemination that it had, questioned that the main companies responsible for the overweight of children and for polluting our planet were in charge of evaluating and advising the government about the nutrition of the students of all schools from the city.

Those in charge of carrying out these evaluations to the children were nutritionists from the General Directorate of Healthy Development (which reports to the Deputy Head of Government, Diego Santilli), accompanied by the local branch of a foundation called the International Institute of Life Sciences (ILSI , for its acronym in English).

The International Institute of Life Sciences is a CSR screen with which multinationals try to get down the line on how and what to eat. The most worrying thing is that the multinationals that make up this society are companies linked to transgenic foods, milk and sweets of doubtful composition and contamination of the planet.

What are the companies that make up this commercial consortium? Basf Argentina S.A .; Bayer S.A .; Santa Rosa Agricultural Experimental Farm; Coca-Cola from Argentina; Danone Argentina S.A .; Danone Nutricia ELN; Dow AgroSciences Argentina S.A .; DSM Nutritional Products Argentina S.A .; Mondelez International; Kromberg Fine Chemicals S.R.L .; Monsanto Argentina S.A.I.C .; Publitec S.A. Editor; Syngenta Agro S.A .; Unilever de Argentina S.A.

The Judge issued the measure after a legislator from the "Public Good" Block, Gustavo Vera, presented a brief. In the first instance, the Magistrate ordered the Head of Government Horacio Rodriguez Larreta to immediately suspend the program and to refrain from evaluating the children.

"From the aggregate evidence, it is not clear enough what role the aforementioned civil organization (ILSI) would have and elements that allow knowing the content and extent of the program are also missing." The Judge also asks the Buenos Aires executive "to attach certified copies of all the administrative actions related to the evaluation foreseen in the framework of the 'My Healthy School' Program, especially those related to the intervention of the private entity 'International Institute of Sciences of Life '(ILSI) ”.

"My Healthy School" was going to perform in 176 schools in the City where overweight students had been monitored. Coca Coca, for example, was going to advise what these children should take, Monsanto what to eat, Mondalez would bring dessert and Bayer how to medicate any disease. The City Government then went to buy the products.

“It is inadmissible that the doors of public schools be opened to an institution that groups companies with complaints. It is extremely serious, something unprecedented. Within ILSI there are firms like Monsanto, with all its history around agrochemicals; Syngenta, which pollutes; Danone, which was fined for exaggerating the health benefits of its products. Allowing them to enter to evaluate and give advice to students in schools is to put the fox looking after the chicken coop ”, commented Enrique Viale, a reference for the Argentine Association of Environmental Lawyers.

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