Earthworm Ally: Soldier Flies

Earthworm Ally: Soldier Flies

The black soldier fly is an insect whose larvae feed on manure or kitchen waste that we put in our vermicompost or compost bins. We have reported cases in which there are so many larvae that only these are seen as in the image above, but do not be alarmed, everything has a solution.

The larvae of this fly eat the food that is not yet digestible by the worms and when they defecate, they can easily eat it. To see it a little clearer, we could say that they are doing the worms a favor.

But if in your case you only want to have worms and not these larvae because their appearance can be unpleasant for some people, you can simply use them as live food for chickens, frogs and other animals that feed on insects. They are a rich source of protein so as the saying goes, there is no harm that does not come.

In about 2 weeks they are adults and have this shape. In addition, adults are pollinators.

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