Great initiative: Supermarket chain recycles food and invests in renewables

Great initiative: Supermarket chain recycles food and invests in renewables

Since the collaboration agreement was announced in May 2015, 10 stores have seen their renewable energy levels significantly increase through anaerobic digestion processes, which in turn has led to a decrease in bills.

The recycling company ReFood has already confirmed that in the next 12 months 6 more stores of the firm in the United Kingdom will join the recycling scheme, installing engines that combine heat and force to generate energy from the refrigerant gases, which translates in a reduction in energy consumption from other sources.

Sainsbury Supermarkets' Paul Densham said that “for us, increasing the sustainability of our UK stores is key and we are making significant progress in reducing food waste. This collaboration allows us to recycle our food waste efficiently, creating renewable energy instead. "

This collaboration agreement helps Sainsbury supermarkets in meeting their objective of not sending food waste to landfills in the area, finding an alternative solution for them. They also have a strict redistribution system in place so that food that can still be consumed is sent to local charities or farms.

The collaboration between the two firms follows Sainsbury's path of continually seeking ways to reduce food waste. At the beginning of the year, for example, the supermarket chain announced the launch of offers on some products in order to increase consumption and thus avoid food waste.


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