Visual pollution hurts us too. Find out how.

Visual pollution hurts us too. Find out how.

By Mayrena Arango

It refers to the abuse of certain “non-architectural” elements that alter the aesthetics, the image of both rural and urban landscapes, and that often generate an aggressive, invasive and simultaneous visual over-stimulation.


This problem is caused by the following elements, posters, cables, chimneys, antennas, poles and other elements, which do not cause contamination by themselves; but through the indiscriminate manipulation of man (size, order, distribution) they become polluting agents.

All these elements described have a negative influence on man and the environment, reducing the quality of life.


Visual pollution produces

• Stress

• Distraction

• Change in mood

• Decrease in productivity

• Headache


Possible solutions for this environmental impact are:

• Achieve the concentration of the authorities and / or political movements so that they understand the problem.

• Try as far as possible to complete the construction works in a short time, as well as avoid the excessive use of visual programming means.

• Implement environmental policies that help regulate the number of advertisements.

Causes and Effects

Video: VISUAL POLLUTION (September 2021).