What are the most sustainable Latin American cities?

What are the most sustainable Latin American cities?

Let's go to Latin America: which cities are best evaluated according to this aspect? The Cities in Motion 2016 Index (ICIM), prepared by the Center for Globalization and Strategy of the University of Navarra, analyzed the different dimensions that define sustainability worldwide.

In this part of the world, Santiago de Chile occupies the first place in the ranking that evaluates the best cities to live in. Out of a total of 181 cities, the capital of Chile is in 80th place, but what is considered in this list?

Despite progress, countries on this side of the world are still in debt compared to European cities

As reported in the study, the experts observe the following points: economy, human capital, technology, environment, international projection, social cohesion, mobility and transport, governance, urban planning and public management.

Other cities in Latin America that are well evaluated are Buenos Aires (85), Medellín (99) and Mexico City (100), although likewise, Latin Americans are in debt compared to the indexes of the first places: New York, London and Paris.

The different dimensions place a city as a leader. For example, London ranks first in human capital, Zurich in caring for the environment, Copenhagen in urban planning, and New York in economic terms.

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