More and more young people are moving to the countryside - do you know why?

More and more young people are moving to the countryside - do you know why?

It is a world trend. Young people have seen how in agriculture there is an alternative when looking for a job and more and more people under 30 are moving to the countryside to open companies with the aim of offering what they themselves demand.

Manuel López-Toribio Moreno is one of those examples: two years ago he decided to set up his own company, Granja A Huevo. Through an environmental farm project, he decided to return to the countryside to develop an entrepreneurial work in a chicken farm from where he is already selling his products throughout Spain through the internet, especially on social networks.

"There is no clear notion about where many of the products that are consumed today come from, that pushes many who want a more conscious quality of life, to move and start with the responsible consumption that food sovereignty and life propose simple from the field, "says this young man," although eggs are one of the most controlled foods.

The trend shows that the return to the organic, to the artisanal, to the use of hands, to the value of time and relationships, is a search that young people are doing, hoping with this way of living the world and their livelihood.

There is no reason to exhaust job search opportunities only in the city, from the countryside there is still much to offer and there are good opportunities. You just have to do what the public demands, healthy food, natural spaces, a quieter life.

Without industrial processes and without large farms, the countryside can be the place where we really make a living.


Video: PBS NewsHour full episode, Feb. 1, 2021 (September 2021).