9 movies that will make your children love nature

9 movies that will make your children love nature

Among the objectives of this world week are to give a human face to environmental problems; “To motivate people to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development; promoting the fundamental role of communities in changing attitudes towards environmental issues, and fostering cooperation, which will guarantee that all nations and people enjoy a more prosperous and secure future, ”they add from the UN.

The 2016 theme is the fight against the illegal trade in wild fauna and flora, and its motto Go Wild for Life, which encourages the dissemination of information about crimes against nature and the damage they do.

“On this World Environment Day, I urge people and governments around the world to overcome indifference, fight greed, and act to preserve our natural heritage for the benefit of present and future generations,” stated Ban Ki. moon, secretary general of the UN.

Movies that respect and love nature are essential for the growth of the little ones. Watching movies, enjoying movies, can often be a wonderful way to learn and become aware of the environment at a very early age. Prepare the popcorn and everyone to the couch to enjoy this marathon:

The Emerald Forest (1985)

“It is an old film, but it is still a benchmark for the environmental world. In fact, it is, in some way, a movie that has marked us all ”, explains Mario Rodríguez, director of Greenpeace.

The Olive Tree (2016)

It is the last film by Iciar Bollaín. "It represents the defense of the environment in its purest form, because it is the fight for what is ours, for what is close and something as simple as an olive tree is the same as a world, a life," says Rodríguez.

Avatar (2009)

"It has a warlike and violent part that logically we do not like but it is true that it represents many values ​​that we defend, such as the defense of nature, the environment and habitats against speculation and destruction", adds this expert.

And our suggestion is Dancing with wolves (1990). After the Civil War (1861-1865) and in the middle of the colonization of the West (1785-1890), Lieutenant John J. Dunbar went to a distant border post that has been abandoned by soldiers. His loneliness prompts him to come into contact with the Sioux Indians; this is how she meets “Standing with her fist raised”, a white woman who was adopted by the tribe as a child. Little by little, Dunbar and the Sioux establish a relationship of mutual respect and admiration. Not forgetting, the relationship established with Socks, a wolf, which will amaze your children.

Animation that narrates the environmental disaster with humor and tenderness.

If your children have not seen yet Ice Age (2002), You can not miss it. The film tells how the Earth lives a period of ice age. It is the Ice Age and a third of the planet is covered by an icy surface. Every living creature must migrate to warmer lands to survive. The man too. What happens is that a group, in the rush, loses their baby. This one is collected by Manfred, a mammoth, and Sid, a sloth bear. When they can, they will return the child to his human family. The jokes around the evolution and extinction of species are also funny.

Wall-e Cleaning Battalion (2008), the tenderness in the midst of destruction. The 2009 Oscar winner for Best Animated Film tells the story of a small robot, designed to clean up the garbage that covers the Earth after it was devastated and abandoned by humans in the distant future. It's a cautionary tale for all ages, predicting what could happen if humanity's unsustainable habits are allowed to continue unabated.

Princess Mononoke (1997)

In order to heal the wound caused by a maddened boar, young Ashitaka goes in search of the god Deer, for only he can free him from the spell. Throughout his journey he discovers how the animals of the forest fight against men who are willing to destroy Nature. The film offers a more complex vision about the role of Mother Nature and the struggle of human beings to control the entire environment, regardless of the consequences beyond their own objectives. In addition, it is an opportunity to introduce children to Hayao Miyazaki's cinema.

And amazing documentaries:

The Emperor's Journey (2005): In the sea it unfolds like a fish in water, but on land its gait is clumsy. It is a documentary about the emigration of penguins in Antarctica, where every year, an exciting and beautiful journey begins. Winner of an Oscar, it recounts how hundreds of thousands of emperor penguins leave the safety of the ocean to enter the frozen desert land. A region so harsh and extreme that no other living being dares to inhabit.

The Seasons (2015)

"It is a beautiful documentary by Jacques Perrins and Jacques Cluzaud that traces the evolution of nature through seasonal changes", explains Rodríguez.

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